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Best Free Music Player App for Android

best free music player app for android

We all love to listen to music. Now 4G network and data speed trending, we can download music anytime with our smartphone. But downloading and storing the songs require space on the disk. There are so many apps that are available using which we can listen to the songs online streaming. Here we are going to list the top Best music streaming apps for smartphone users. One of these apps’ key advantages is that we need not download the songs to listen instead of streaming favorite songs with online media players and enjoy.

Best Music Streaming Android Apps in 2021

1. JioSaavn Music & Radio

JioSaavn is a purely Indian based music site where you can download the songs from the site. The app version of the site allows you to streams the songs with your smartphones. Most desi songs are in the JioSaavn music library. The streaming apps available for Android and iOS users. You can access the library while getting their web address link JioSaavn.com. Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, Punjabi songs and other major Indian based language music are available. Both free and paid account is available with JioSaavn in the premium account, you can access much more music.

High-quality music streaming available with JioSaavn. You can be able to optimize the quality of streaming in the JioSaavn app settings section. JioSaavn app interface is integrated with social media widgets and links using which you can share the songs with your friends and tag them too. You can see ads during songs play if you’re using it free. Free users need not create an account and if you wish to become a premium member, you need to create an account there.

Download JioSaavn

2. Gaana

Gaana is a purely India based app or website for streaming music online free. A very tough competitor for the JioSaavn music app. Over 30 million users are there for the Gaana. 30 million users suites moods with gaana. You need to sign up with gaana to enjoy the music online. For this, you can make use of an email address or your phone number. Apart from this option, you can connect gaana with social media sites like Facebook and google plus.

The best key feature loaded with the gaana app is creating your playlist and sharing your favorite music with your friends and families. If you want to make your music as a favorite, then add it to favorite lists. Songs from various 16 languages (Indian and English) are categorized to enjoy the music. All the songs are added concerning the copyright policy. They have added by buying the rights to that music. So no need to worry if you are downloading or streaming the music with Gaana.

Download Gaana

3. Spotify

Spotify is the music streaming app developed by Spotify Ltd. You can download the Spotify app free and enjoy millions of music online free.  You can easily browse songs with an outstanding categorization feature. Or you can enjoy the songs you like the artist most. If you like AR Rahman songs, then there is A R Rahman songs category where you can enjoy him’s songs. Songs of all Indian artists, music directors, movies, etc. available. Grooving HD quality songs are available with the Spotify app. The JioMusic app itself suggests songs according to your mood. The search box on the app allows you to get a quick search for your favorite songs. The subscription cost of Spotify is too low rather than other music apps.

Download Spotify

4. Wynk Music

Wynk is exclusive music streaming app for the Airtel users. It is a free music streaming app for Airtel users. The well-designed user interface allows you to quick navigation to reach your favorite songs with Wynk. Some other pretty features are loaded. The Wynk music library has songs from Hindi and almost all Indian languages. The New Release category allows you to get the details of newly released songs from the different movie industries. No need to create an account to access that music library with Wynk. Create your playlist with Wynk, where your favorite songs are listed in one file. Share the music with the friends that are under the wifi connected users. Socialize your music list by sharing the music with your favorite friends and families.

Download Wynk

5. Google Play Music

Music streaming apps from the internet giant Google. They launched the apps that can be suitable to install for both iOS and Android smartphone holders. Geographical based app, so that enjoy the music in Indian languages too. Most special categories, most recently released plays, etc. are the key features. Songs are in high definition quality. This app is available on every android smartphone these days. Open their web address at https://play.google.com/music/listen and start listening to the songs. Google play music is a paid or premium version, though you can make a complete trial form 14 days free, no credit card required. Millions of songs at your fingertips and free from noising ads.

Download Google Play Music

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