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How Background Screening Services Can Protect Your Company’s Reputation

How Background Screening Services Can Protect Your Company's Reputation

Building trust requires more than just good customer service. Whether your business relies on contractors to manage client’s financial resources or drive fragile equipment to remote locations, these individuals represent your company and often interface with customers and vendors. Professional screenings examine more than criminal records; they check a candidate’s overall moral character across education, employment, social media, and public records to give you the full picture. Look for companies with industry specialization and credentials.

Prevent Fraudulent Practices

Your business’s reputation relies on the integrity of your employees. A bad hire can damage your company’s image, leading to lawsuits and a loss in revenue. Background screening services can mitigate these risks and ensure that your business operates with a high moral character. Professional screens go beyond basic criminal records to reveal a larger picture of the candidate’s personality and behavior. They include searches of social media, sex offender registries, and fraud lists, among others, to give you the most comprehensive information possible. When you partner with a background screening service that integrates into your HR system, you can streamline the hiring process by avoiding reentering applicant data into multiple systems. Using an integrated service also helps candidates to respond faster, improving your time to hire and helping you to get the right people on board sooner.

Prevent Unwanted Turnover

A company’s reputation is a major determining factor of the health and long-term success of the business. Unwanted turnover caused by bad hires, whether they result in workplace accidents or fraud, can lead to immeasurable damage to a company’s reputation and bottom line. Background screening services help organizations reduce unwanted turnover by verifying candidates’ credentials and ensuring they are properly qualified. Some reputable screening companies utilize consumer permission data to skip the middleman and offer cost savings for clients. Other services that may be considered include drug screening and verification of professional licenses, credentials, and references. Companies that invest in a well-designed and comprehensive background screening process will see many financial and non-financial benefits. This includes higher quality hires, reduced liability, and overall people risk mitigation.

Prevent Fraud

Many applicants must be more honest on job applications and resumes, often lying about their work history. Background checks can uncover these inconsistencies and help companies make more informed hiring decisions, resulting in a safer workplace for all employees. Additionally, a criminal background check can uncover fraud-related convictions relevant to the role. Motor vehicle records checks can also filter out candidates with poor driving records and could be unsafe on the road. Smaller businesses can benefit from working with a third-party provider that offers API and ATS integrations and an applicant portal. At the same time, larger organizations should choose a screening service that can support compliance at scale and maintain a consistent workflow for adjudication and adverse action notices.

Prevent Negligent Hiring

Negligent hiring claims can impact a business’s reputation, especially if they involve physical injuries or deaths. A background check can help prevent these claims from arising by assisting companies to hire the best talent for their job roles.

If you’re searching for a background screening company, look for an experience that provides accessibility and transparency. A good background screening company should also offer competitive pricing with clear breakdowns of fees for different searches. Additionally, it’s important to consider how long the screening company’s turnaround times are. You want to ensure you’re hiring a team that can deliver timely results so your decision-making process is completed on time. Also, choose a global screening partner that understands international laws and regulations.

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