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The Arrondissements of Paris: Which are the Best for Expats?

The Arrondissements of Paris

Moving to any city abroad can be incredibly exciting but may also be sprinkled with a little bit of apprehension. After all, moving way beyond your comfort zone is always going to have some challenges. One of the biggest challenges that come with moving to a new city anywhere in the world is finding your way around your new surroundings. You can generally always spot the newcomers or tourists in any town as they are usually the ones staring at a crumpled map or on their Smartphones. Landmarks tend to be scattered around the city and after a while, all the streets start to look the same.

Paris has a bit of a unique solution to this conundrum. The city is divided into different neighbourhoods or areas called arrondissements. Each of these is unique in its way with a different feel or atmosphere. Some are known for specific historical landmarks and some for their culture. There were originally 20 arrondissements in Paris but, in recent years, some of the smaller ones have been joined to make a larger one. The first arrondissement is in the center of Paris and the rest spiral outward in perfect numerical order.

Which Arrondissement is the Best for Expats?

No matter where you live in Paris, you are sure to find life anything but dull. All of Paris is stunning in its own way and the rest of the city is within easy reach. However, some arrondissements are more expat-friendly than others. For example, the 5th, 6th and 7th arrondissements are quite popular with expats and have a somewhat relaxed bohemian atmosphere. As well as this, the 5th arrondissement is considered to be the Latin Quarter you don’t have to be Latin to live here. This area is one of the best for expats as it is full of streetside cafes and restaurants as well as being a fabulous place to catch a cabaret or two. It’s close to the river too so the scenery is breathtaking for those who love to stroll around the city. There are also quite a few universities in this part of Paris making it a hub for students from Paris as well as foreign students.

Moving on to the 10th arrondissement is considered to be a multicultural neighborhood that is popular with expats, and renting an apartment will be considerably less expensive in this area than some others in Paris. The 19th arrondissement also has a diverse population and is also considered quite multicultural.

Choosing the Right Arrondissement

Although some arrondissements may be more suitable for ex-pats, there are no hard or fast rules when it comes to choosing the right neighbourhood to live in. Families may find the 12th and 15th arrondissements more to their liking, whereas those who work in fashion will find the 8th arrondissement appealing as it is the fashion district. Business professionals often flock to the 6th arrondissement as this has a growing and thriving economy with all sorts of businesses setting up here.

The main thing to do is find the right to rent in Paris to live comfortably and, for most people, the shorter the commute, the better. Decide what you want your life in Paris to look like and then use the filters on a good website to narrow down the selection for you. No matter where you decide to live in Paris, you have the best Europe has to offer on your doorstep. You can also opt for shorter-term rentals if you find it difficult to decide and it will also allow you to try out different neighborhoods until you find the one that you feel connected to.

The first step in moving to Paris is always going to be the hardest but once you get settled, you’ll quickly find yourself happily immersed in this wonderful city.

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