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Kristen Wiig x Scarlett Johansson

Kristen Wiig x Scarlett Johansson

The Connection Between Two Stars

It is undeniable that technology is only as good as its users. How you use a piece of information, tool or technology affects the outcome of your action and is a clear reflection of your intentions. One such modern tool (not precisely modern; at least not anymore) is the internet. In the right hands, this infinite and ever-developing repository of information, technology, and tools can do wonders. However, when used unethically, it can cause devastating outcomes. The downside of such power, when it is available to everyone, is that- one can never know the user’s intentions.

We have seen lives getting spoiled and careers uprooted due to scandals, deep fakes, fabricated news and many others. For this reason, we have often witnessed celebrities and famous personalities keeping their lives away from the internet. It ensures protection from any harm or possible cyber threat or controversies.

Some celebrities avoid using social media entirely, while some share a minimal amount of information to prevent the intervention of the general public in their lives. Today in this article, we will discuss one such connection – Kristen Wiig X Scarlett Johansson. It is being talked about everywhere. So without further delay, let’s dig in!

Kristen Wiig X Scarlett Johansson is The Hot Topic of Hollywood Right Now

Outdoing every other entertainment industry right now in Hollywood. They are the best at what they do! So much so that often, the spectators are left in awe. The creation of Hollywood, with its mind-boggling details and vibrant and robust creations, holds the power to skyrocket even a “nobody’s” career. Hollywood has also given some entertainers their trademark roles, becoming their second identity. Scarlett Johansson is a living example of this same phenomenon. Her iconic role as “Black Widow” in one of the most famous franchises, “Avengers”, is what she is known for the most. In the same way, Kristen Wiig’s dazzling performance in the movie “Ghostbusters” is equally indulging in watching, if not more.

How Kristen Wiig and Scarlett Johansson are connected?

The names of these stars pop up everywhere these days, making people wonder what the connection is between them. Well, to answer that question, it is imperative that we take a glance at their careers and where they have crossed paths. However, one striking connection is that these two stars have hosted SNL (Saturday Night Live – American TV Show) several times. Scarlett and Kristen have had their fair share of controversies during their long-running careers. They are at the peak of their careers at the moment and have decades of experience serving in the industry under their belt. All these reasons contribute to why the general masses love and adore them as well as their work and content.

Have Kristen Wiig and Scarlett Johansson worked together?

It is evident from their respective successful stints in the entertainment industry that both these actresses are A-listers of the industry. People love them for what they do. Hence, it is evident that their fans would love to see them work together and share the same screen space in a project or two. However, the fans are still in anticipation because they have yet to share the same screen space for a project. Other than their appearance in SNL (which, of course, most people loved), they have not worked together as of today. It is disappointing that there is no such news yet about their joint reappearance on the American TV show. However, it indeed is worth knowing! The duo has appeared a massive ten times on the show (Kristen Wiig- four. Scarlett Johansson- six), playing host to this iconic television program.

Controversies and Scandals

Everything good and great has a downside too. With fame, exposure, and success comes a great deal of risk as well. Once you are at the peak of your career, you tend to see the world differently. From the top, you see things the way they are. And not all of it is always good, gracious, and forgiving. The age of the internet can be pretty daunting at times. You get famous and popular while simultaneously becoming vulnerable to a world full of scandals and controversies. The entertainment industry is no different in this matter.

In many cases, celebrities got engulfed in controversies that saw their downfall. Some of those controversies are real, while the others are pathetic fabricated lies and rumors. Both Scarlett and Kristen have seen their share of controversies during their careers.

Scarlet Johansson Deep Fake and Pornography

The Black Widow actress has been exposed to the worst possible side of the internet regarding controversies. Most people already know that she was a victim of internet pornography. While some people believe it to be true, when you line up the facts, you can easily add that it is nothing but the pathetic work of deep fake. The website on which the pornographic video first surfaced ensured they used a look-alike of the Avengers superhero. As a result, her career and mental health took a great hit. So don’t frown or be surprised if you see Scarlett spitting hatred for the internet.

Kristen Wiig X Sarah Silverman Controversy

The tough times in isolation during 2020 saw several stars from the entertainment industry singing the lyrics to John Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine”. Kristen Wiig was entangled in some controversy with Sarah Silverman revolving around that video. However, Sarah Silverman later acknowledged that Kristen Wiig mailed an apology to her for roping her into the “tone-deaf” music video.


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With all this information, connections, similarities, and controversies, it is not hard to understand that the general public will go to any extent to see what they desire from their favorite stars. They will do so even if that requires fabricating those by themselves! And with the internet at their disposal, nothing is impossible, or so it seems! However, true fans can only hope that someday their wish to see these two actresses work together and share the same screen space comes true. Just stay tuned to Mediumbuzz to get new updates like this.

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