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Who are Rui Hachimura’s Parents? Know Truth of Makiko and Zakari Jabil (May 2024)

Rui Hachimura Parents

The gifted Japanese basketball player Rui Hachimura has dominated the NBA with his incredible abilities and unwavering commitment to the sport. In addition to proof of his skill, his rise from being a relatively unknown prospect in Japan to one of the NBA’s emerging stars is also a credit to his parents’ steadfast support and direction.

The following article will examine the inspirational tale of Zakari and Makiko Hachimura, Rui Hachimura’s parents, who had a significant influence on their son’s basketball career.

Who is Rui Hachimura?

Who is Rui Hachimura?

Full NameRui Hachimura
Date of Birth08-Feb-98
BirthplaceToyama, Japan
Age25 years
Zodiac SignAquarius
Marital StatusDating
GirlfriendBriana Delgado
Height6 Feet 6 inches
Weight104 Kg
ProfessionProfessional Basketball Player
Net Worth$12 Million

Japanese basketball player Rui Hachimura plays professionally for the National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Lakers. His childhood influenced the early years of Rui’s life in Toyama, Japan. On 8 February 1998, he was born and raised in a home that valued morality and support.

His parents, Zakari and Makiko Hachimura taught him the value of self-control, diligence, and humility from an early age. During Rui’s early years, he developed a love for basketball, and his parents were significant in fostering this interest.

The ideals they instilled in him, along with their unfailing support, provided the groundwork for his incredible journey from a tiny Japanese village to becoming a rising star in the NBA. He has represented Japan on the international basketball scene and played collegiate basketball for the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

He fills the roles of power forward and small forward. The Washington Wizards chose him in the 2019 NBA Draft, and 2020, he was included on the NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

Who are Rui Hachimura’s Parents?

Who are Rui Hachimura's Parents?

Rui’s father is Zakari Jabil. He is a native of the West African nation of Benin. He gives him a lot of encouragement during his hoops career. Other than this, not much is known about him because his son wishes to keep everything about him confidential.

On the other hand, Makiko Hachimura is his mother. Her homeland is Japan. It was her side of the family that gave him his first and last names. She gives Rui a lot of encouragement while he plays basketball. Other than this, nothing else is known about her also.

His Parents Have Different Nationalities

The nationalities of Rui’s parents are distinct. Zakari Jabil, his father, is Beninese by nationality because he is from Benin. However, his mother, Makiko Hachimura, is a native of Japan and has Japanese nationality.

Rui, although a Japanese national, is part of a mixed ethnic group due to them. It also made him encounter a lot of prejudice in Japan. Even his brother Allen received several racist and anti-black threats in Japanese on his laptop.

Rui Hachimura’s Parents Supported His Basketball Dream

Rui showed a strong interest in basketball at an early age. His parents were aware of his enthusiasm and did all in their power to encourage him. This help came in the form of both practical advice and emotional support in addition to cash aid.

Rui received encouragement and words of wisdom from his parents, who also attended his games and supported him throughout his basketball career. They helped him with unshakable faith, realizing his ambition of playing in the NBA was extraordinary and audacious.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Rui Hachimura’s Nationality?

Nationality-wise, Rui is Japanese.

2. How Old is Rui Hachimura?

Born on 8 February 1998, Rui is 25 years old.

3. What is Rui Hachimura’s Net Worth?

As per the various reports and information on the internet, Rui’s estimated net worth is around $12 million.

Wrapping Up

The NBA career of Rui Hachimura is a fascinating tale of skill, perseverance, and hard work. But it’s also a tale of the steadfast help and direction his parents, Makiko and Zakari Hachimura, gave him. Rui’s development into the current NBA star was greatly influenced by his parents’ morals, support, and dedication to his goals.

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