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Best Kodi Addons for UFC in 2021 (May 2024)

ufc on kodi

The best Kodi addons that help you find MMA fights are out there. But unless you do your homework, you’re going to have to wade through a lot of bad-quality addons to find what you’re searching for.

If you’re curious about trying out an MMA addon for Kodi, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and disappointment if you read this guide first. In it, we break down how to watch UFC on Kodi into five add-ons. None of the four listed below are perfect, but each one has something unique to offer.

How To Differentiate Between A Good Kodi Addon And A Crappy One

Poor quality sports addons typically have:

  • Misspellings all over the place
  • Tons of dead links
  • Out-of-date content
  • Confusing menus

The number one best thanks to spot a top-quality MMA addon is by checking to ascertain if the developer is active on Twitter and alternative social networks. If the developer doesn’t care about supporting the addon and changing its content on an everyday basis, don’t even trouble using it.

Best UFC/MMA Kodi Add-ons

1. Planet MMA

Planet MMA is my favorite MMA add-on. It has a ridiculous amount of new and old UFC content.

My favorite thing about this add-on is its well-designed, intuitive menu system. Many sports add-ons are loaded with hundreds of dead links and aren’t very well laid out. Planet MMA, however, doesn’t have that problem. As you can see, its menu seems pretty clean.

Just select which UFC show you want to watch, and enjoy. It’s that simple. There are no dead links to click through and no messy menus to tolerate. Just select which UFC show you want to watch, and enjoy. It’s that simple. There are no expired links to click through and no messy menus to tolerate.

2. UFC Fight Pass

If you have a subscription to UFC Fight Pass subscription, Kodi is going to be where you can go to watch it. Besides some of the other options, UFC Fight Pass serves as a perfect gateway to most of the UFC content you’re searching for. Especially given UFC Fight Pass will get some unique content thanks to broadcasting rights, you may have a tough time watching UFC matches everywhere.

You can’t find the UFC Fight Pass add-on anywhere but through the Portes repository, which is accessible on Github here:

3. SportsDevil

When it comes to streaming live sports devil, MMA fights are yet a very viable option for Kodi users. It does have a ridiculous amount of links to sports-related TV streams. SportsDevil is used as a dependency for a large number of other add-ons, meaning they utilize SportsDevil to offer up their content.

The only problem, of course, is getting links that work. One fascinating thing about SportsDevil is that there is an option called *schedule* that allows you to see what’s currently playing on TV. It’s a great idea to have a schedule fixed in the add-on, but what time zone is set to? There’s no way to know for sure.

4. Made in Canada IPTV

Sometimes, what it comes all the way down to for UFC is merely finding the proper channels. That’s where Made in Canada IPTV appears in. Although this add-on doesn’t explicitly specify “UFC” anywhere, it will scrape the adequate channels to urge you to the content you’re searching for. Ultimately, that’s attending is the foremost vital issue to creating positive you don’t miss any events.

Made in Canada IPTV records streams that come in at stunningly good quality. They also load up very fast. You will need to make sure you’re up on the schedule for fights so you can tune in at the correct time using Made in Canada IPTV, but as long as you know where to look, you will find the streams there waiting for you.

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