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Major Lessons We Learned From Watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (May 2024)

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The Big Bang Theory has been one of the best sitcoms we have ever watched. It is still popular and getting reruns widely across the globe. While the show is typically targeted toward nerds and geeks, it entertains everyone and teaches everyone great lessons in life. Read along and find out for yourself if you also want to learn about the major life lessons that we get from this sitcom.

It Is Cool to Be Smart

If there is one thing this sitcom teaches us, it is that being intelligent and nerdy is cool. Being a science nerd has never been more enticing, and we find it cool with all the gang’s casual discussions over subatomic particles and Drake’s equation.

Besides, every episode normalizes the nerdy life more for us and makes us nerds feel comfortable in our own skin. Well, if you are a nerd and haven’t watched this show yet, you are missing out on so much entertainment for a geek. Well, we suggest getting a good TV service available in your region. Spectrum TV is one service that is widely available and also caters to Spanish customers by taking calls in Spanish at Numero de Spectrum 1-844-487-2710. So, get your TV service now and enjoy on-demand content as well as live cable TV.

To Have The Best Roommate is Essential

When it comes to sharing a room, it is critical to select your roommate wisely in order to stay away from frustrating everyday arguments with the people you live with. If you get into a sticky situation with your roomie, follow Sheldon’s advice and daft a roommate agreement to stay clear.

Simply State the Facts

One of the most notable tendencies in the character of Sheldon Cooper, or let’s say ‘Sheldon Mannerisms’ is his tendency to tell things as they are. Sheldon doesn’t waste time being ambiguous and sugar coating his words, and his bluntness comes off as harsh. Well, while speaking things as they are might be a little undiplomatic, we might all benefit from learning to express our thoughts a little more. It helps us stay honest with others and ourselves.

It’s Okay To Stay at Home

When you start your university, many of your age mates will begin to move out of their parent’s homes and become self-sufficient adults. Howard, on the other hand, demonstrates that living at your parents’ place no matter how grown-up you are, is perfectly acceptable. While living with his obnoxious mother, he found love and had a successful profession, and let’s be real, he did save a lot of money by not having to pay rent and food all this time.

Love Is Worth The Struggle

One thing we learned from ‘The Big Bang Theory is that one-sided love can be turned into something, as we see Leonard and Penny trying for love. To finally get your love, all you need is a little persistence, dedication, and silly charm.

We All Suffer From a Little Bit of OCD

When it comes to the main character of the series Sheldon Cooper, he has it all sorted. He has his own position on the couch, his entires meals of the week are planned out and he has even labelled the label maker. While a little excessive, we all are similar to Sheldon Cooper in a way, and he taught us that it is fine to have a little OCD, and it is what makes us so unique and endearing.

True Friends Stick Through Thick and Thin

The Big Bang Theory team showed us all that true friends will stay by your side no matter what, they will stand with you despite their conflicts, opposing personalities, and various cultures and ethnicities. The show is a perfect example of how a good friend chooses to stay by your side even when he or she sees how mentally messed up you might be. A good friend will always choose to stand by your side, regardless of your differences, the “quirks” that come with your OCD, and even the most ridiculous agreements and arguments you come up with trying to prove your point.

It is Cool To be an Introverted Geek

If we were to pick one basic theme of this TV show, it would have to be its ability to demonstrate how nerd culture can be cool as well. The show brilliantly employs academic jargon and geek humour to debunk conventional stereotypes about geeks and introverts, which portray them as social misfits while, in reality, their world is too exciting, with new theories to uncover and greater inventions to come up with. Besides, one more example is Amy who does everything a geek dreams of doing but is too ashamed to do. The lesson here is not to be ashamed and do what you love, because following your heart and being yourself is cool.

Never Be Afraid to Try New Things

Well, one of the best things we learn from this sitcom is that one shouldn’t be afraid of trying out new things. An example of someone who has tried a lot of things is Howard, from being an astronaut to getting married, Howard has tried it all. Howard teaches us that even if you fail you will have stories to tell and lessons to learn.

Never Give Up

A few examples of never giving up on life that we see in the show are Penny trying to get a better job, and still going on even after all the failures. One more example is Stuart who saw his comic book shop burn, yet he kept going on in life.

You Are Never Too Old For Games

In this series, the four best buddies are never far from a game, which gives out the lesson that you can never be too old for games. The best game is 3D chess and rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock, they play them on regular basis. Also, who can forget Sheldon’s spectacular dive into a multicoloured ball pit? With that said, it teaches us that neither are you too old for games and nor too old for acting childish.

Well, we hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. No doubt the show teaches us a lot and is super entertaining to watch.

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