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5 Most Underrated US Streaming Platforms (May 2024)

5 Most Underrated US Streaming Platforms

We live in a world where online streaming services are the best way to watch content. We have many options for choosing a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and many more.

But these are top-rated streaming services, and they come with their own sets of problems and limitations. For example, their costs are high, and their availability in multiple regions is limited. The worst part is that these streaming sites can detect a VPN and block you.

When this is the case, you can switch to less popular streaming services like Mubi, Tubi TV BroadwayHD, or even CNNgo. Yes, you read it right! The uber-famous CNN has a lesser-known streaming platform.

The best part is that you can connect with a US server on a VPN from anywhere in the world and stream any of the US streaming platforms that are mentioned in our list below like CNNgo outside the USA effortlessly.

So, stay with us while we list the top 5 underrated streaming platforms to help you choose the best one.

Which Are The Top Underrated US Streaming Platforms?

More than one underrated US streaming service can give a punch to other top online streaming services. They are hardly recognizable by people. But you find tons of familiar content in their content library. Here are the top 5 streaming services below.


America is not only a great place for entertainment networks but also for news networks. CNNgo is the best example of their news network.

CNNGo is an online streaming service. CNN offers this service for many reasons. The top reason is covering the most news of politics, sports, and entertainment.

Additionally, CNNGo is best for watching shows for health and travel. The key difference between CNNGo and CNN is that CNNGo is only available in the United States.

CNNGo offers services only for the audience of the United States. That’s why it is unavailable in countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and other countries outside the US.


When you need a better option than national theatre at home, BroadwayHD is the option you need to check. It offers a slightly better deal. The basic feature this streaming service offers is the Broadway musical.

On your laptop and TV, stream content from BroadwayHD anytime. To capture the thrilling excitement of the stage show, you should not miss BroadwayHD.

Watching the actual show on BroadwayHD is like streaming at your home. It offers endless streaming options, especially the Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and many more.

On top of that, BroadwayHD also has an impressive collection of musicals, foreign products, ballet performances, etc.


You can’t get any idea from the name of this streaming service. It’s a dedicated streaming service that builds its content library entirely based on the horror genre. Their content library is full of classics.

Horror movie lovers never leave Shudder once they enter. So don’t worry about watching other content if you want to enjoy the new horror movies.

Shudder will help you to get a better experience. You hardly find any difference in Shudder’s content from other mainstream services.

Shudder is its “movie marathon.” It’s a weekly offer from the streaming service. In addition, the AMC family is offering Shudder for everyone, which is available for $5.99 monthly and a yearly subscription.


Documentary+ sounds familiar! Doesn’t it? People get fooled into thinking it is an online streaming service fully loaded with content. Documentary+ is offering documentaries.

All these documentaries are focused on different subjects. So yes, you can find documentaries on cooking, art, religion, nature, history, and many more.

If you are a fan of National Geographic, Disney+, or Planet Earth, then Documentary+ is the must-try option for you.

All contents are educational and informative. Documentary+ has all you need to make your time amazing in front of a digital screen.

The Criterion Channel

It is hard to find people who don’t love to watch movies. So “The Criterion Channel” is a blessing for the classic movie lover. It lets you stream modern classics.

All of these movies ensure pure entertainment along with the best streaming experience. In their content library, there are more than 1000 titles available.

The best part is all of these titles are chosen as the most important and best films ever made in history. The Criterion Channel” offers a go-to spot for classic films. To access this service, you must pay $10.99 per month; the yearly subscription charge is $99.99.


Streaming services never made us frustrated with their content collection. But, of course, we are not talking about only the big four or five streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. There is more beyond that.

Indeed, most of them are still underrated. However, after the research, we found that most of these underrated streaming services have enough caliber to give tough competition.

They are far better than your traditional cable subscription. With tons of options, we just picked 5 to share with you. Now, you have a better idea about them and what you are missing from the underrated streaming service.

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