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Noragami Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Plot (May 2024)

noragami season 3 release date

The audience poll is pretty optimistic about the popular manga anime series Noragami. Also, fans gave an overwhelming response to the series, making it an epic in anime history.

Recently, there have been circulating reports about the release of season 3. And that the creators of the show might come up with a renewed season shortly.

Hence, in this article, we will talk about every probable news flowing in the air about Noragami Season 3. Along with various fact-checks related to Noragami season 3.

About Noragami Season 3 and the story so far.

Adachitoka is the writer and illustrator of the famous Japanese manga series Narogami.

The Japanese animation studio Bones Inc. produced the manga anime series, and Kataro Tamura directed the series. Toshihiro, who is also the Co-founder of the Bones studio, crafted the design of the characters.

The manga series tells an engaging story of Hiyori IKi, a School student who falls victim to a bus accident. Now, this accident causes her soul to slip out of her body.

The post-accident climax involves Hiyori Iki’s awareness of a parallel universe where demons and human souls linger. Hiyori Iki can exist in both realms of the universe, namely, nearshore and farshore. Her soul meets the stray God character Yato. However, Yato’s significance as a God is not known to many people. Therefore, he is trying to accumulate enough money through odd jobs to build a Temple in his name to gain widespread recognition.

Hiyori Iki approaches Yato to help her get back an everyday life since only he can visualize her soul. She also becomes friends with Yato’s regalia, Yukine.

After which follows a series of God mysteries and adventures. It absorbs the viewer’s attention and stays with the show till the last episode.

Thus, the demand for Noragami Season 3: Episode 1 still exists among anime lovers.

Read the article till the end to know every piece of information on the sequel to the series. And to get a clear picture of the probability of airing Noragami Season 3 and the release date.

What will be the probable storyline of Noragami Season 3?

Following the second season, Yato promised Ebisu that he would become a better person. Thus, in season 3, we will get to see the evil side of Yato after he gets recognition and millions of people start worshipping him.

After the death of Ebisu, Yato became the God of fortune with the help of Yukine. Thus, season 3 will show Yato’s further journey as the God of the Golden Shrine. Also, he will be able to protect his promise made to Ebisu.

It may also happen that Ebisu, the God of fortune, is not dead and wants to test Yato’s work as the master of the throne.

The power of Nora, Yato’s ex-regalia, will also be shown. He might come to take revenge on Yato with her manipulative skill.

Season 3 will show the relationship between Yato and his father. His father is the same guy who kissed Hiyoru.

Noragami Season 3: will it appear in 2021?

Since most of you are aware that there were widespread rumors regarding the release of Noragami Season 3 in 2021, tweets from Twitter and sources even came up with premiering dates back in 2020.

Ultimately, Noragami season 3 was not released, and it was only a vague rumor.

So it won’t be very wise to believe in such irrelevant information. Also, I would suggest all fans of the show keep calm and wait for an official announcement from the makers of Noragami regarding the season 3 release.

Therefore, it’s hard to predict when season 3 will be released or if there’s enough source material for a sequel.

Also, we will talk about the factors that can lead to a possible release of season 3 since every viewer of the show knows that season 2 had a complete story end.

So, It is likely that Bones Studio has to come up with a new variation in the storyline to carry forward the manga series. We would have to analyze several factors determining season 3, from source material to business stats to the show’s popularity. Hence, we will do a detailed survey on every aspect that can make Season 3 possible.

Therefore, stay with the article till the end and get yourself some clarity about the possible airing of Noragami Season 3. Then, we would look into different FAQs and everything fans need to know about the possibility of season 3.

1. Is there enough source material to carry on with Noragami Season 3?

The manga by Adachitoka is the primary source material of the series. There are around 23 volumes of the manga so far, with extra chapters added to two spinoff volumes titled Noragami: stray stories. The main series consists of 21 books titled Noragami: Stray God, released between 2014 to 2020. In December 2015, the first spinoff season marked its release.

There are various light and virtual novel stories that contributed to fragments of the series.

The source material and consecutive manga are still in the making by Author Adachitoka. However, the latest volume of the manga was released on February 17, 2021.

Therefore, looking at the number of volumes released, the source material need should not be a point of concern. Also, the anime makers didn’t take scenarios from most parts of the manga. Hence, the makers of Narogami have a lot of content in their bag.

2. How many manga volumes are covered in the anime series Noragami?

– Season 1 covered volumes 1 to 3 of the manga, consisting of 13 episodes and 2 OVAs. The season started airing between January 5, 2014, to March 23, 2014.

– Season 2 covered volumes 4 to 9 of the manga and consists of 13 episodes and 2 OVAs. It started airing on October 2, 2015, till December 25, 2015.

– The 2 OVAs from Season 1 aired on February 17, 2014, and July 17, 2014, respectively. OVA 1 and OVA 2 covered stories from the 25th and 24th chapters of the manga, respectively. Also, it used some parts of the story from the spinoff volume.

– The next 2 OVAs from season 2 aired on October 2 and December 25, respectively. OVA 1 of season 2 also used stories from chapters 24 and 25 and some parts of the spinoff volume. Whereas OVA 2 of season 2 took stories from chapter 41 of the manga.

Thus, we can conclude that around 15 volumes of the manga are still available to screen in Noragami Season 3. So, source material will never be a problem for the makers of the anime series. As there is already enough content left in the box from the manga.

3. Is there enough demand for Noragami: Season 3

The popularity of the previous seasons decides the need for a sequel. Therefore, sales and profit play a determining factor regarding the possible release of season 3. If the profits are not satisfactory, then the series makers might not go ahead with another season.

Also, if the popularity of the previous seasons drops in various search engines, it might impact the release significantly.

 Blue-ray and Manga sales for Noragami anime.

– For Season 1, the Noragami franchise sold around 5,000 copies per volume of Blu-ray in Japan. However, only 2000 copies of season 2 per volume of Blu-ray are sold, which isn’t a decent score compared to other hit anime.

– Manga sales are pretty low, with only around 48,000 copies of volume 22. Readers in Japan purchased only about 45,000 copies of volume 23. Therefore, the manga sales of the previous seasons don’t satisfy the benchmark of a good anime.

Also, see the popularity of Noragami Season 3.

Around 500 different types of merchandise of Noragami are available in the market. This figure refers to the incredible popularity of the series.

The official Twitter account of the Noragami franchise has around 170,000 followers across the globe. Its last tweet was in May 2021, with about a 100million views of Noragami.

Also, according to Google search engine data, the second season received more acclamation across the world than the first season. However, the search volumes of the Noragami anime series in Japan are shallow.

mobile game of Noragami named ~Kami to Enishi~ was released in 2015, but its subscription to the game ended in 2016. Likely due to unpopularity.

Thus, the popularity and demand of the show are very diversified. However, in terms of profit margins, the series has a lot to improve. Kodansha might be planning to revive this series again. In that case, he would have to review the factors mentioned above.

Top 10 most powerful characters of Noragami

1. Yato

Yato is a protagonist in the series. He is also the God of calamity, but he claims himself to be the God of Fortune. His dark past is mysterious in the first two seasons of the show. He wants to have widespread recognition as a famous God who wants the best for his people.

2. Bishamonten

Bishamonten sometimes goes by her other name, Veena. She is the Goddess of war and warriors and one of the seven gods of fortune in the series. In the series, she holds a highly aggressive character and is often brutal while hunting her prey.

3. Izanami

Izanami is undoubtedly one of the show’s most powerful characters and the Queen of the Underworld. She is also the mother of God Ebisu. Corrupted souls have always surrounded her; therefore, she is cursed and will never find a Shinki. On the other side, she is almost undefeatable when it comes to fighting.

4. Takemikazuchi

He is also known as the God of swords and popularly known as the God of Thunder. Despite being very powerful and his great position among other Gods in heaven, Takemikazuchi is very lazy. Every task assigned to him takes ages to complete, but he tries to find fights to get out of his regular life. However, he is good in combat fighting, cloud controlling, and lightning manipulation to take the form of a dragon.

5. Rabo

Rabo is also the God of calamity, with a hidden past. He has the skill to manipulate water and uses it as a weapon to trap his enemies. We can’t assume anything about his power, but he is desperate enough to challenge Yato for a duo fight. He is considered a firm believer in his potential to win battles.

6. Kofuku

Kofuku is the God of poverty, but later, she changes her name to become the God of fortune. She usually hides from humans and is a fierce character who is not afraid to challenge Veena. Even Bishamon, the God of war, is worried about Kofuku’s power to destroy Goodluck.

7. Tenjin

Tenjin is the God of learning. In the human world, he is an old man with good health conditions with lots of wealth. He earned his wealth and riches from his worshippers, who wanted a good result in exams.

8. Kazuma

Kazuma is the strongest among other Shinki. He does not have any special ability or power of his own, but he can boost the power of his owner to a whole new level. He is also very reasonable and makes wise decisions for his own sake, even if it goes against his master. Thus, he is one of the most mature and respectful characters in the show.

9. Kiun

Kiun is Takemikazuchi’s Shinki. He is blessed with the power to become a Snake-like Dragon made of lightning. He is also known as Thunder Blade and is considered one of the most powerful Shinki. His vessel name is Oki. He never achieved the status of Hafuri, in spite of being the guidepost in place of Takemikazuchi and possessing great innate abilities.

10. Yukine

Yukine is the regalia of Yato and one of the three protagonists of the show. He is a powerful spirit vessel, but he often needs a partner to show his true potential. After becoming Hafuri Vessel, he transformed into Twin Katana, one of the most powerful Noragami characters. However, in the world of adults, Yukine deals with teenage problems and possesses an amateur character.

Where You Can Watch Noragami English dub

You can watch all the episodes of Noragami in English, Dubbed on Funimation and Crunchyroll. You can also watch subbed and dubbed episodes on Hulu.

If you are a Noragami fan and liked reading our article about Noragami Season 3, then please comment with your thoughts and tell us how eager you are to see season 3. Thanks for reading.

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