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The Masked Singer: An Overview (May 2024)

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Talent shows have been a source of television entertainment worldwide for decades. From dancing competitions to magic demonstrations, this niche of reality television has seen a significant rise in popularity in the twenty-first century. Reality singing competitions, in particular, have become some of the most popular talent shows for viewers.

Reality singing competitions, during which contestants sing various songs and are judged based on their performances and skills, are among the most common types of reality talent shows. The Masked Singer, which premiered in the United States on Fox in 2019, put a different twist on the standard singing competition. This show brought in something viewers hadn’t seen before–full-body disguises that concealed their identities from judges.


The Masked Singer is part of The Masked Singer franchise, which was formed in South Korea. The show premiered in the United States on Fox in 2019 and is hosted by musical artist Nick Cannon. The show’s judges are Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.


On The Masked Singer, contestants wear head-to-toe costumes that conceal their identity. Each contestant then takes the stage and sings a song for the four judges. Clues are provided that the judges use to try to guess the contestant’s identity.

After a contestant performs, the panellists vote on which contestant is most popular, with the least popular eliminated at the end of each episode. The eliminated contestant is the only one whose identity gets revealed in each episode.


Each costume worn on The Masked Singer covers the contestants from head to toe, fully concealing their identity. Past costumes have included a sun, a fox, a jellyfish, and a peacock.

When contestants are not performing, they are still required to disguise themselves using hoodies, balaclavas, and gloves to avoid revealing their identity offstage.


The elimination process involves both the judges and the audience, with each group’s vote worth fifty percent. When combined, these groups’ votes determine which contestant remains on the show and who gets eliminated.

This elimination process continues throughout the season until only three contestants are left. The final three contestants then compete in the finale, where a winner is chosen.

The Masked Singer aired the premiere of its sixth season on September 21, 2021, with two seasons per year running since its inception. While it has not been renewed for a seventh season yet, that news should come in the upcoming months.

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