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Young and Hungry: Season 6 Cancelled or Renewed (May 2024)

young and hungry season 6

Young and hungry is a sitcom owned by Freeform(Formerly known as ABC family) and has a considerable fan base anticipating Young and Hungry season 6. After presenting us with five successful seasons, are we going to see season 6 of the show? The show first aired in 2014 and was a romance series by David Hoiden.

The season 5 finale left fans with a cliffhanger, and they wanted to know Josh’s (the wealthy software entrepreneur) response to Gabi’s ( personal chef of Josh) proposition. But sadly, the answer to the proposal was not given by the end of the season and fans were left thinking.

Will we ever get to know Josh’s answer, and will Gabi and Josh get together? What will happen to their work relationship? Are they still going to have the same bond? Well, let’s find out; I’ll guide you through all the different outcomes and will give answers to all your questions.

Sit back and enjoy the article!

Director and Other Crew

Produced byJason Wang
John W. Mader
Devon Kelly
Ashley Tisdale
Executive producersSusan Hogg
Channing Powell
Stephen Lambert
Sara Murray
Nick Clark Windo
DirectorsAndy Cadiff
CinematographyMikel Neiers
SeasonsNo. Of EpisodeRelease Date
Young & Hungry 11025-Jun-14
Young & Hungry 220March 25, 2015
Young & Hungry 310February 3, 2016
Young & Hungry 410June 1, 2016
Young & Hungry 520March 13, 2017

All Cast List

All cast
CastPlayed as
Emily OsmentGabi Diamond
Jonathan SadowskiJosh Kaminski
Aimee CarreroSofia Rodriguez
Kym WhitleyYolanda
Rex LeeElliot Park
Bryan SafiAlan
Jesse McCartneyCooper
Mallory JansenCaroline Huntington
Jayson BlairJake
Christopher Nicholas SmithNick
Briana LaneDr Rounds
Ashley TisdaleLogan Rawlings
Kylie MinogueShauna
Paul DooleyMr Fancy
Tyler RitterAdam Foley
Betty WhiteBetty White
Andy BuckleyMatt Danon
Michael VoltaggioChef Michael
Joel BrooksRabbi Ben Shapiro
Cedric YarbroughColeman
Demi MillsKeisha
Jose Moreno BrooksJuan Carlo
John Gabriel RodriquezRuben
Kelen ColemanAmanda
Reggie De LeonDanny
David DouglasCashier
Kyle HumphreyCharity Guest 2
James EarlMechanic
Josie LorenSam
Taylor Zakhar PerezBenji Rodriguez
Keegan AllenTyler
Jackée HarryJojo
Cleo KingMadame Paulette
Karen MaruyamaLilly
Jodi LongMrs Park
Satya BhabhaKal
Hina AbdullahKayla
Tessa HarnetiauxJilly
Rico E. AndersonMarco
Andy FavreauRob

How Did Season 5 Of Young and Hungry End?

The show writers left viewers with a significant cliffhanger by the end of season 5. Sofia Gabi’s best friend starts on her new quest for love, and a lot will happen to her. The story goes as follows, in the season finale, Gabi goes to Josh and proposes to him to come with her to Seattle, where she is going to work under Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, the Iron Chef, .while Yolanda and Elliot are still struggling with the dynamic of Gabi being the lady of the house.

After season five, a Young and Hungry movie was planned, which will be produced by David Holden, Caryn Lucas, Ashley Tisdale, and Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. The Freeform team announced that the film will continue the adventures of the couple and their pals and will be an enticing watch.

Here is the Probable Season 6 Cast List

Although there is no official announcement of season 6 as of yet, if they consider producing one, these are going t be the main cast.

  1. Jonathan Sadowski presents Josh Kaminski.
  2. Kym Whitley acts as Yolanda.
  3. Aimee Carrero portrays Sofia Rodriguez.
  4. Rex Lee plays Elliot Park.
  5. Emily Osment performs gabi Diamond.

These are the main iconic characters that made the show what it is today. With time people have fallen in love with the characters and have gotten connected to their characters.

Will there be a Season 6 of Young and Hungry?

The previous season of young and hungry had 20 episodes in total. Season 5 was initially targeted to have only ten episodes, but then due to high demand, more than ten were added.

The young and hungry team aired the episodes in two sequences, namely, 5A and 5B. The first part was introduced on 13th March 2017, and the second one was aired on 20th June 2018.

As part two of season 5 was left with a cliffhanger, the producers were willing to make a movie to sum up the incidents of the show, but sadly that didn’t happen, and even season 6 is not going to come. Even though fans tried their best to make the movie and season 6 happen, it didn’t work this time.

This is what the producer David Holden has to say about the situation.

Our show truly needed another season, and we weren’t able to get it. I hope we will be able to tie everything up in a perfect little bow, but that’s not how television works.

Hopefully, the film will tie things up somewhat more. The season leaves us with a cliffhanger. We have already written a draft of the script for them. I figure it will be aired on Freeform. If they don’t get the film, I think we ought to put it on the web and see if it happens.”, he said.

The plot of Young and Hungry season 6 ( if it is approved anytime soon)

The official plot is yet to be announced as the writers might like to bring twists and turns in the story, but regarding the 5B of season 5, there is a clear hint of the subplot that will happen in the next season.

Gabi chooses to have a sexual relationship by punching cards with 10 holes for each card in part 2 of season 5 of Young and Hungry. But with rising affection and sexual intimacy, Sofia, Gabi’s best friend, warns her about the connection she is developing. And as happens most of the time, Sofia’s warning turned out to be true after some time.

Josh arranges a romantic dinner reservation for Gabi in a posh restaurant. The twist in the plot is a doctor has already made a reservation to propose to his girlfriend. Gabi thinks the engagement ring was for her and assumes Josh is planning to propose to her for marriage. Things were getting all excited and rushing for Gabi, and thus she asked advice from the neighbour Mrs Wilson about this situation.

Josh organized a meeting with Natasha Cook-Campbell, a well-accomplished celebrity chef, and later cracked a deal with Natasha with the help of Gabi. The story then takes a turn, and Josh and Gabi lose Natasha’s beloved dog KIKI while she goes to visit her injured assistant.

Late on, Josh bought a Yacht to make a romantic proposal to Gabi, and the following story is yet to be deciphered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is young and hungry suitable for kids to watch?

This show is definitely not for kids to watch, although it is suitable for a teen to watch. There is the use of strong words and a few intimate scenes. Thus, kids do not better watch it.

2. Did Josh and Gabi get married?

Although Gabi proposes to Josh after getting to know he is going to do it anyway, the answer is still a mystery as Josh is yet to answer, and the show is yet to be produced and aired.

3. Young and Hungry filmed in front of live audiences?

A- Yes, the show was filmed with live audiences and is an excellent example of theatrics. The actors were phenomenal and did their best in front of a live audience.

4. Is Josh from Young and Hungry married?

YES, he is married to his ex-girlfriend, whom he ditched on prom night; her name is Brittany Ishibashi.

5. Young and Hungry season 6 is cancelled?

As of 6th February, 2018young and hungry were cancelled, and the young and hungry team cancelled the movie plans too.

6. What was Gabi’s age in Young and Hungry season 1?

She was 29 back then and was born on 8th May 1992.

7. Who plays the role of Sophia in young and hungry?

Actress Aimee Carrero plays Sophie is young and hungry.

8. Is young and hungry based on a True Story?

It is inspired by a real-life chef and blogger, Gabi Moskowitz.

9. Why did Young and Hungry end so abruptly?

According to Osment, ending the finale on a cliffhanger made sense because the cast believed “without a doubt” that a sixth season would be ordered. However, plans took a turn for the worse. Television makes it impossible to predict anything, so we had to adjust our trajectory slightly.”

10. Sophia and Nick together?

Yes, after making out in Josh’s office, they realize they have feelings for each other, and thus, they are together.

Final Words

Although there are few chances of Young and Hungry season 6 getting premiered, the fans are still trying their best to get the story going. With such an extensive loyal Fan base, there are chances we could see the show in future, and the best part is although the story is incomplete, the previous seasons have not let down us fans. This article was all about season 6 and the probable plot, along with information about the cast and the official news from the producers. I hope you guys like the article and that it was helpful to you people. That’s all for today; keep visiting Medium Buzz for more like this.

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