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Why Investing in High-Quality Roof Shingles is Worth It

Why Investing in High-Quality Roof Shingles is Worth It

Investing in high-quality roof shingles is worth it because they last longer and cost less to maintain over their lifespan. This is known as whole-life cost, a proven asset management technique.

Top shingle manufacturers offer loyalty programs, material discounts, and improved warranties for roofers that use their products exclusively. This is why roofers recommend specific brands of shingles to their clients.


Roofing manufacturers offer shingle lines that range from standard 3-tab shingles to architectural shingles with lifetime warranties. The best shingles for your home depend on several factors, including the climate and the quality of installation.

For example, some brands make algae-resistant shingles. This means they have a coating that prevents the growth of blue-green algae, which can leave dark streaks on the roof. These shingles may also have a special asphalt coating that improves solar reflectance, keeping your home cooler in the summer.

Another factor that impacts shingle longevity is how frequently your area experiences severe hail or high winds. If these conditions are common in your region, you’ll want to choose shingles with the highest impact and wind resistance ratings. This will ensure your roof shingles are more durable and last longer. Also, ensure your roof is properly ventilated to avoid excess moisture, which can shorten the lifespan of your shingles.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing a high-quality roof shingle with an Energy Star rating can help to reduce your home’s energy costs. The shingles are designed to reflect sunlight, keeping the inside of your home cooler and reducing your need for air conditioning in warm weather.

Luxury asphalt shingles offer various color and texture options, allowing homeowners to customize their roofs to match the architectural style of their houses. This can add curb appeal and increase the value of a home.

Roofing contractors can advise which shingle products will perform best in your area. They can also guide roof insulation and attic ventilation, significantly impacting your home’s energy efficiency.

Increased Resale Value

Whether considering staying or selling your home, a new roof can significantly boost the resale value. However, the type of shingles you choose is vital in resale value.

If you want the most return on your investment, consider a shingle brand that offers a wide range of colors and styles. This will help you match your home’s overall aesthetic.

A high-quality shingle can hold up to weather conditions, especially windy ones. Low-quality shingles are likelier to tear, crack, or lose tabs during a storm.

Look for algae-resistant shingles that feature SureNail stripping, which helps them adhere better to your roof deck. Also, check out a brand’s wind resistance rating. Generally, the best shingles offer a 110 mph wind warranty. They can be upgraded to 130 or even 160 mph with a professional installation by a certified roofing or solar contractor following manufacturer guidelines.

Environmentally Friendly

Shingles are also recyclable, which helps reduce waste and pollution. They also contain advanced ultraviolet inhibitors to decrease the amount of wear from sun exposure.

Shingle colors can match your home’s existing siding, brick, trim, and shutters for a cohesive look. Lighter shingles will reflect more sunlight and help save on cooling costs, while darker shades can add warmth in the winter to cut heating costs.

Some shingles are designed to withstand high winds. When choosing a roofing material, consider the climate where you live and how often you experience rain, snow, or windy conditions. If your area is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or hailstorms, choosing a shingle with superior weather resistance and warranty protection is best.

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