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Top 10 Books to Teach Students about the Rainforest

Top 10 Books to Teach Students about the Rainforest

A great habitat to examine with children of all ages is the rainforest. There are several species of animals and plants to discover in the rainforest. You can also discuss the importance of keeping these areas protected. When starting a unit on the rainforest or introducing this unusual habitat to young children, books are an excellent resource. A list of both fiction and nonfiction literature about the rainforest is provided below.

The greatest method to promote a love of reading in children is to provide them with numerous opportunities to interact with a wide range of books that appeal to them (Sarah Bryan, 2021). That is why Fantastic Fun and Learning posts so many book lists. Finding fantastic novels that your children will adore should be simple for you. We’ve also found several useful resources for introducing youngsters to literature over the years.

Digital libraries are a very practical method for doing this. One of our favorite online libraries, also suggested by many Assignment Writers is Epic! For youngsters 12 and younger, it has more than 25,000 books, educational films, quizzes, and other materials. It’s also free for teachers.

Following are the 10 Rainforest Learning Books for Kids!

1. The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry

While dozing off, a guy who is attempting to cut down the Kapok Tree is visited by several people. The guy is visited by all the creatures that reside in or near the tree or are dependent upon it, and they all give him advice on why he should leave the tree alone. I adore the intricately drawn pictures and nearly undetectable animals that can be found throughout the pages.

2. Madeleine Dunphy’s Here in the Tropical Rain Forest

Each page in this narrative set in the tropical rainforest introduces a new character. I enjoy how the narrative seems to step back with each page and presents a more comprehensive view of what is happening. Pigs eat the dropped figs left by the monkeys, and so on. The jaguar hunts the pigs.

3. Rain Forest Colors by Janet Lawler

Rain Forest Colors by Janet Lawler is a fantastic book to use with young children who are learning their colors and older children who want to learn more about animals found in the rainforest. A fascinating fact is displayed alongside an animal on each double page. Each page’s “Did you know?” is my favorite part. This transforms the book from a children’s book that only educates about colors into one that teaches about the jungle.

4. Barbara Knox’s A Rain Forest ABC: An Alphabet Book

We adore alphabet books with animal photos, and this one has wonderfully vivid, colorful illustrations for each letter that highlight creatures from the rainforest. A few facts about each species are included so your youngster can learn more about it. The Animal ABC list also includes this book.

5. The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K. Mitchell

Many children remember the nursery rhyme or song “The Green Grass Grew All Around” as “The Rainforest Grew All Around.” Instead, this version describes a seed in the jungle and the creatures you will see there as it grows. The intricate illustrations capture the splendor of the rainforest. I adore this song and the original’s original fusion in this song.

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6. The Umbrella by Jan Brett

The Umbrella by Jan Brett is a must-read for any list of literature on the rainforest. A youngster climbs a tree to view creatures in the jungle in this amusing and ridiculous fable, leaving his umbrella on the ground in the process. Getting inside the umbrella is an adventure for the animals. Readers will adore the vibrant and intricate drawings in this classic Jan Brett book.

7. Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme by Marianne Berkes

A humorous rhymed book called Over in the Jungle features numerous creatures as well as counting. The swamp and the ocean, for example, are two places where this traditional rhyme has been performed. I adore this book because of the pictures, each of which was carved in clay before being photographed. The images are vivid and appear three-dimensional.

8. Who Grows Up in the Rain Forest? by Theresa Longenecker

An educational book about animals that are born in the rainforest is titled Who Grows Up in the Rainforest? Each page includes a straightforward illustration of the baby, its mother, and details about the child. There is more information about each species, including where they reside, words to know, and supplementary facts, near the book’s conclusion.

9. Kinkajous (Jungle Babies of the Amazon Rain Forest) by Rachel Lynette

Kinkajous is a long-tailed animal that you might never hear of, but this animal lives in the rainforest and this book will introduce you to their world. The book includes maps, diagrams, and information about the Kinkajous as a baby, their home, and much more. Jungle Babies of the Amazon Rain Forest includes the following books.

10. Doyli to the Rescue: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon by Cathleen Burnham

Can kids change the world? I’m Doyli. She is ten years old and resides on an island in the rainforest of Peru. She and her family find orphaned, vulnerable newborn monkeys, care for them until they are healthy, and then release them back into the wild. Monkey care is a physically demanding job.

Doyli takes water in a pail and wipes the dirt floor every day because they don’t have power or running water. Doyli commutes to school in two separate canoes, but she also attends classes there.

With this look inside Doyli’s life, author Catherine Burhman intends to encourage young people to become small-scale activists. [picture book, nonfiction, for ages 6 and up]


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