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Disneyland Vacation Packages: Complete Guide [May 2023]


Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the Disney brand. There are perhaps only a handful of brands worldwide that have anything like the impact of Disney. We all know the songs, the characters, and the famous logo.

Every family has Disneyland on their vacation bucket list. So why not plan yours now to coincide with the centenary? But before you do that, why not check out our quick guide to choosing the best Disneyland vacation packages?

What are Disneyland Vacation Packages?

A package is an all-in-one deal that will save you the time and hassle of booking each component of your vacation separately. At a minimum, it will include your hotel and Disneyland tickets.

But many packages also include other essential extras such as parking and car rental and even a hotel breakfast or all-inclusive options on some deals.

So, our first tip when comparing packages is to ensure you are checking like-for-like. Look at the small print to see what’s included in the deal when considering the package prices.

Check Deposit and Payment Options

Not all packages have the same deposit rules for the vacation. Some deposits will depend on how close your booking is to the departure date.

Always ensure that you can afford the upfront deposit of a deal. And don’t forget to see when the final payment is due and whether you can pay via monthly installments in the run-up to the vacation.

Check out Disney vacation club financing offers to ensure you’ve covered all payment options for the Disney vacation club.

Check Cancellation Rules

Even the most tempting Disneyland package deal could be an expensive mistake if you have to cancel at the last minute due to an emergency!

Of course, some vacation insurance policies might cover you for cancellations.

Still, you should always read the small print on a deal. Don’t forget to check other things, such as what charges apply if you want to switch dates for your booking.

Search for Interesting Additions

Why not upgrade your vacation by booking a two-city package? Some deals will allow you to include add-ons, such as a short stay in San Diego.

Or you could add on other popular attractions for your stay, including Universal Studios or San Diego Zoo.

Research Disney Hotels and Resorts

Always take some time to check out customer reviews for hotels and resorts on places like Trip Advisor before deciding on the best package.

Some packages might market themselves as luxurious hotel offers. However, you might find a lower-star hotel with more of the facilities you and your family need for a lower price and better customer reviews!

Don’t pay for more than you need. A large five-star Disney resort might sound like a bargain, but if you visit attractions every day, will you make the most of all the facilities?

Book Your Dream Vacation Today

You already know that your trip to Disneyland will be a family vacation to remember forever. So, why not start your search now by searching for the best Disneyland vacation packages?

Don’t forget to brush up on your Disney facts before you leave – our entertainment section can help you out with that.

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