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Digital Marketing Lingo Explained: What Does ‘SERP’ Mean In SEO?

Digital Marketing Lingo Explained

We can all agree that digital marketing is essential for businesses today, and the right strategy can have an impressive impact in a fairly short amount of time. A good digital marketing company will utilize all of the tools at its disposal to improve your SEO and raise you up in the SERPs, and leave you better off than ever before.

But while the upsides to digital marketing are well-known, the endless acronyms and initializations can start to wear a bit thin. If you are starting to get a little confused, have no fear. Have a look below to learn all about the meaning of SERP in SEO…

What is SEO?

To start with, we should have a basic knowledge of what we mean by SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the series of strategies you can use to improve your visibility and positioning in search engines. It allows you to more easily reach potential customers, better pairs you with those likely to actually make a purchase, and gains traffic and clicks.

It is an organic marketing form that uses an array of tactics to better display your business when potential customers search for your products, services, or information that you are suited to provide. When used correctly, you will find yourself boosted up the SERPs, so let’s take a look at what these actually are.

What does SERP mean?

SERPS, or Search Engine Results Pages, are the results you see when you type an inquiry into search engines like Google. There are generally two types of results that you can see:


  • Paid search results – those that businesses pay to appear at the top of the page and are the first thing that a customer sees.
  • Organic search results – those that are not paid, but are determined to be the most relevant to meet the customer’s needs.

Search engines have algorithms used to determine which results people see first. As the most popular search engine in the world by quite a margin, a lot of what we talk about when discussing SEO and SERPs refers to Google first.

Google includes a range of criteria in their algorithm, and only with a careful and comprehensive SEO strategy from your SEO company in Dubai will you successfully navigate your way to the top of the SERPs.

Why should you use SEO to impact your ranking in the SERPs?

Interestingly, many search engine users will skip past the paid results at the top of the page and go for the top organic result. They will not, however, scroll through endless results to kindly search out your exact product or site if it is languishing on page 17.

If you want to be visible, to get in front of the right customers, and to increase your traffic and conversion rates, you need to be at or near the top of the SERPs. Ideally, you should appear in the top half of page one, but certainly not much lower than the first couple of pages.

Customers that cannot find you will not buy your product. While you can buy your position as a paid result, reaching the top organically is a little tougher but far more rewarding. Once you have earned your spot, and have a strategy in place to keep it, you can rest assured that you will be both visible and suitable to the right search engine users.

More views, more clicks, more sales.

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