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The Best Professional Karaoke Software

The Best Professional Karaoke Software

Karaoke has evolved from a casual pastime to a professional pursuit, with enthusiasts and performers seeking software that offers advanced features and an immersive experience. This article explores some of the top contenders in professional karaoke software, each offering unique benefits to elevate your musical journey.

KaraokeMedia Pro X: Elevating Karaoke to New Heights

Elevating Karaoke to New Heights

KaraokeMedia Pro X stands out as a premier choice for professional karaoke enthusiasts. Boasting an extensive library of songs spanning multiple genres and languages, KaraokeMedia Pro X ensures there’s something for everyone. Its intuitive interface allows users to easily search for their favourite tracks, create playlists, and customize the key and tempo to match their vocal range and style.

Professional Karaoke Machines For Hotels, Catering Industry and Event Organization

Private Karaoke booths-Private Lounge

Our karaoke booths are a modern concept of private multimedia space in which users can carry out different activities, depending on the model of the machine chosen, from creating a video clip inside the BZRP room to recreating their performance on stage. of the VOICE, with the complete security of maintaining that privacy that is now so in demand.

Private Lounge Party Karaoke Pro

karaoke private optimized

The best-selling, complete and recommended version of the Party Karaoke model. Enjoy the private space for karaoke parties with much more advanced options.

Karaoke PartySoundproofing
Videoclip RecordingOutdoor advertising screen
Disco RoomAir conditioning

Private Lounge Party Karaoke The Voice Karaoke


The new 2023 project of KaraokeMedia. An exclusive Private Lounge model. With the license of the most famous musical Talent show in the world. Limited edition.

Themed seatsRecreation videoclip “The Voice”.
Table with electronic push buttonsOutdoor advertising screens
LED decoration, and neon “The Voice”.Themed exterior

Karaoke Booth with Video Chroma Key Okebox Room

Okebox Karaoke Room

OkeBox Room is a karaoke booth adapted to the Western market. It swept in sales in Asia last year, with more than 100,000 machines sold, and is present in all shopping malls in several countries.

It is an automatic machine in which people, after inserting their currency or banknote, can choose, sing and record a video clip, receive it in their mail and share it on their favourite social networks.

okebox room karaoke optimized

One of Karaoke Media Pro X’s standout features is its support for video backgrounds and custom overlays, allowing users to create visually stunning karaoke presentations. The software also offers advanced audio processing capabilities, including essential control and vocal suppression, to enhance the quality of performances.

With its comprehensive library of songs and seamless integration with external hardware such as controllers and mixers, Karaoke Media Pro X is a favourite among professional DJs and karaoke hosts. Whether hosting a karaoke night at a club or performing at a private event, it delivers the power and performance you need.

Karaoke Booth With “The Voice” License

Users Will Be Able To:

  1. Have fun alone, with friends, or with family.

    Singing Karaoke songs by selecting them from a complete and up-to-date catalogue.

  2. Record theis performances

    Receive a video montage in their email, as if they were singing on the real stage of “The Voice”, and share it on their social media.

  3. Submit their performance directly to an online casting

    And be selected to participate in the next edition of “The Voice” on their country’s television.

The Mobile Karaoke Trailer For Your Events In Any Location

stage Road Optimized

Karaoke Profesional

Stage Road is a trailer transformed into a real karaoke disco. Thanks to its integrated screens both inside and outside the cabin, your customers can have a real karaoke experience. It is also possible to create a chroma key environment using our professional software to create karaoke videos where your customers will be the protagonists, giving them a video performance that they can share with their friends on their favourite social networks.

In Conclusion

Professional karaoke software offers many options to suit every performer’s needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize a vast song library, advanced features, or seamless integration with external hardware, a professional karaoke software solution is perfect for you. So, unleash your inner rock star, elevate your performances, and let the music take centre stage with the best professional karaoke software by your side.

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