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Instagram Vs. TikTok Heats Up as TikTok Embraces Photos

Instagram Vs. TikTok Heats Up as TikTok Embraces Photos

Instagram Vs. TikTok

When TikTok arrived on the scene in 2018, few could have predicted the monumental effect it would have on the social media landscape. Industry titans like Facebook and Instagram had enjoyed their time at the top relatively undisturbed for years, and it seems they were little prepared for the appearance of such a fierce rival.

At first, it seemed like TikTok was content to fill the video niche of the social media sector, letting platforms like Instagram take care of still images. However, in a surprising turn, TikTok launched its very own Photo Mode in October of this year. Let’s take a look at the battle between these two social media giants and try and predict who will come out on top.

Photos vs. Videos

The meteoric rise of TikTok led many people to believe that still, images were a thing of the past. However, TikTok’s recent expansion into still images proves that the format is far from obsolete. Photographs are the classic form of digital media; they are timeless and can be incredibly meaningful. Unlike videos, they can be printed as physical objects and compiled into collections through the use of services such as mysocialbook.com.

However, videos are a massively popular format. TikTok’s success is a testament to this fact. The platform reported that it had surpassed an astonishing one billion monthly users last year.

TikTok’s Photo Mode

So, what does TikTok’s Photo Mode look like? How does it compare to Instagram? Creators on TikTok will now be able to post photos as well as video content in a carousel-style format that will appear on viewer feeds.

Much like videos, users can add music and sound effects to their photo posts, making for further customization and creative opportunities.

What About Instagram?

You could be forgiven for thinking that TikTok is attempting to usurp Instagram by attempting to copy what made the photo-sharing platform so popular. However, it would appear that it was, in fact, Meta-owned Instagram that threw the first punch in what has become a fiercely contested battle for dominance.

In what was an apparent response to the rising success of TikTok, Instagram launched its own video feature, Reels, in 2019. At first, limited to videos of just 15 seconds, Reels has gone through numerous updates, with videos now featuring a maximum duration of 90 seconds with a range of editing options that are remarkably similar to TikTok.

Who Will Win The Battle?

While TikTok has enjoyed incredible success in a relatively short period of time, Instagram remains the de facto king when it comes to still image content. While TikTok currently rules the short-form video roost, could Instagram’s reputation and industry gravitas see its Reels eat into TikTok’s market share? Only time will tell.


Social media platforms are in a constant state of competition, each of them vying for the attention of billions of users worldwide. We will no doubt continue to see ideas copied and interchanged between them as each attempt to take control of what is still something of a fragmented market.

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