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3 Benefits of Translating Your Company Website

3 Benefits of Translating Your Company Website

Did you know 59.94% of the entire world’s population uses the internet?

Most of these people don’t speak English, so if your website only offers this language, you might be missing out on visitors. Following this, you may want to consider translating your website so that it can cater to a larger audience.

This post will explore the benefits of translating your company website. Once you’re done reading, you’ll understand the importance of having a website that caters to multiple languages.

Let’s begin!

1. Attract More Visitors

So, as mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of translating your website is that you’ll be able to reach a much larger audience.

After all, if you translate your website, you’re opening it up to a new audience, and this means you’re going to be able to boost your traffic. If you are wondering how to translate a web page, you can hire professional services to help you out with this since it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

2. Improve Search Visibility

If you translate your business website, you will also improve your visibility in search engines.

For example, at the moment, people might only be able to find your website if they type in an ‘English’ search term. Now, suppose that you translate your site so that there’s a ‘Spanish’ version.

If you do this, your website will now appear whenever someone types in a Spanish term that’s relevant to your website.

This is going to result in much better search traffic because you’re now ranking for English and Spanish terms.

Now, something to keep in mind here is that the content on your website needs to be high-quality, even if it’s in another language.

For instance, you can’t just take your English content and run it through Google translate. If you just copy and paste this content onto your site, it isn’t going to make grammatical sense.

In fact, you might receive a penalty from Google, if it looks as though you’re trying to spam the Spanish version of their site with low-quality content.

Luckily, you can get around this problem by working with a translation company. For instance, if you want a Spanish translation of your content, just reach out to a translation firm, and they’ll take care of everything for you.

If you want to find a company like this, you may want to search something like ‘translate website Spanish.’

3. Generate More Revenue

If you translate your website, you will also generate more revenue.

That’s because you’ll now have a larger audience you can market to. That said, it’s worth noting that different countries tend to respond to different kinds of marketing.

Following this, if you’re trying to go after a different market, you might need to create a custom web design for this market. If you want a new website, you can just contact a web development company, and they’ll help you with this.

Will You Translate Your Company Website?

This post has covered some of the benefits of translating your company website.

If you’re a bit short on money or time right now, keep in mind that you don’t have to translate everything all at once. Instead, you may just want to translate a few pages at a time.

If you do this consistently, you should eventually end up translating your entire site.

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