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5 Benefits of Buying Furniture From a Store With Exceptional Customer Service

5 Benefits of Buying Furniture From a Store With Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is critical to fostering brand loyalty. When shoppers feel valued, they will likely return and recommend the store. Look for furniture stores that offer floor-sample sales. These discounts can make a big difference in the price you pay for your new furniture.


If you are a retailer, buying furniture from wholesalers is one of the best ways to save money while ensuring that your customers receive exceptional Joybird customer service. This is because wholesalers work with moving agencies and packers who know how to handle delicate furniture pieces and can deliver your order in time for the customer to set it up at home.

Furniture shopping is a big-ticket purchase and requires careful attention to detail. Retailers must offer a welcoming environment that allows customers to take their time and find what they need without being overwhelmed.

In-store staff should be knowledgeable about their products to help shoppers make informed decisions and answer any questions. Offering superior product visualization like 360 views and 4K HD zoom is another excellent way to improve the experience.


Reliability is average for durable goods and often becomes more important to consumers as downtime and maintenance costs increase.  While it may be impossible to turn every customer into a vocal brand evangelist, all companies can implement strategies to increase customer satisfaction. These strategies range from improving store layout to implementing useful technologies like augmented reality and chatbots.

For example, furniture retailers can install available kiosks with apps that boost product confidence and provide Joybird reviews and shopping guides. It can also add augmented reality capabilities to its furniture store app, so customers can see how an item of furniture will look in their home or next to other pieces before they buy it.

Easy Returns

Many furniture retailers offer generous return policies to encourage their customers’ confidence. Often, these retailers will waive restocking and shipping fees when customers exchange a piece of furniture they’ve purchased. Furniture is a big-ticket item that requires an investment of time and money. A quality piece will last years and sometimes generations. Consumers must be able to purchase it with financing options.

Providing flexible and easy-to-use financing options results in larger ticket sizes, closed sales, and repeat customers. This enables furniture retailers to remain competitive against large retail and e-commerce powerhouses. Moreover, optimizing the store layout and integrating useful technologies like kiosks with apps that provide customer reviews and shopping guides help boost in-store sales. Using augmented reality (AR) to enable customers to visualize furniture directly within their space via their branded app is also an effective tool.


Local furniture stores often feature unique pieces that stand out from the mass-produced stuff you can get at chain retailers. These one-of-a-kind items may cost more, but they’ll also last years – sometimes generations. Over time, you’ll save by not having to replace your furniture. Furniture retailers can make shopping more accessible by giving customers what they want in a way that suits their schedules and preferences. For example, they can use kiosks and apps to let customers see how pieces will look in their homes or next to other furnishings before purchasing. They can also offer revolving lines of credit or second-look credits for those who need to buy more furniture than they have the cash for all at once. Offering these options helps increase ticket sizes and close sales while building customer loyalty and retaining repeat business.

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service involves more than simply providing prompt responses to inquiries. Staff must exhibit outstanding communication skills when interacting with customers and clearly articulate the features and benefits of various furniture pieces that suit their needs and budget. It also involves showing empathy by paraphrasing shopper preferences and repeating them to ensure they are understood correctly.

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