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5 Best Restaurant Bar Stools

5 Best Restaurant Bar Stools

Offering your customers a variety of restaurant chairs is always a good idea. Some people have come to your restaurant for a long lunch, others for a short snack, and some may be there for a quick coffee. You can provide seating to suit each type of customer. The customers that want to linger will want to sit in comfortable cushioned or padded chairs or armchairs. But there are those customers who will feel more comfortable at the restaurant counter or bar. For that, you will need bar stools.

What Kind of Restaurant Customer Wants to Sit on a Bar Stool?

  • Customers who don’t want to wait to be seated at a table.
  • Customers who are eating alone.
  • Customers who don’t want to be surrounded by other customers.
  • Customers who are in a hurry and are just grabbing a quick drink or meal.
  • Customers who enjoy banter with the servers behind the counter or bar.
  • Customers who find bar stools more comfortable than regular chairs.
  • Some customers associate regular chairs with home or the office, and they feel more relaxed sitting on a bar stool as it is different and associated with going out.

Why Would a Restaurateur Want to Add Bar or Counter Stools

  • For additional seating that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.
  • For a place to seat customers when the restaurant is full.
  • As a place for customers to wait for their table before being seated.
  • To foster socializing and a casual atmosphere in the establishment.
  • Bar seating is more inviting for solo diners.
  • To add variety to the restaurant design.

1. Best Outdoor Restaurant Stool – Alice Outdoor Resin Bar Stool

The Alice Outdoor Resin Bar Stool is extremely comfortable. It’s like having a regular chair, but at bar stool height. The curved backrest and high armrests allow customers to sink into the chair and linger. These restaurant stools have extra width for extra comfort. These stools are made with resin which means they are resistant to the elements and easy to clean and maintain. They are also resistant to UV, water, and stains. The steel legs are sturdy and will not rust. This chair comes in black, a practical, classic color that can go with any color scheme. If you want to give your restaurant a coherent look inside and out then there are matching chairs available.

2. Best Industrial-Style Restaurant Stool – Dark Grey Industrial-Style Metal Bar Stool

This bar stool has clean and lined with no unnecessary elements. Just sleek metal legs and two metal bars cured up the back to a wooden backrest. The seat is also made of wood.  You can match the color wood to your restaurant design, and choose from walnut, natural, dark walnut, distressed walnut, mahogany, dark mahogany, or cherry wood color. This restaurant stool is specifically made for indoor use and comes with gliders to protect the floor.

3. Best High-End Restaurant Barstool – Tayla Brown Vinyl Metal Bar Stool

Look no further for a restaurant bar stool if you want one that would suit a gentleman’s club or a smokey den. The frame is black metal with joints similar to pipe joints making it great for steampunk-style restaurants as well. The seat is about the most luxurious you’ll find in restaurant stools. Thick padding is covered with rich brown vinyl. The stool has a low backrest that slides down into low armrests. The seat, backrest, and arrests are all thickly padded and upholstered in the leather-looking vinyl.

4. Best Classic Wooden Stool – Premium US-Made Lattice Back Wood Restaurant Stool

This super-comfortable restaurant bar or counter stool was created with restaurants in mind. It has a sleek wooden frame, wooden legs with a footrest (stretcher), and a beautiful latticework wooden backrest. The backrest is particularly higher than regular bar stools. You can order this bar stool with wood stained in several shades of wood, or even colors such as green, red, or yellow. The seat can also be customized. opt for a plain wooden seat, or a foam-padded vinyl or fabric seat. The vinyl and fabric can be ordered in a variety of colors. These excellent restaurant stools are fitted with nylon glides to protect restaurant floors. And as if that is not enough, there are matching regular chairs available.

5. Best Deal for Restaurant Bar Stools – Ladder Back Metal Bar Stool

This restaurant bar or counter stool has been included in this list because of its extremely reasonable price combined with excellent quality and durability. It costs just a few dollars over $100 but looks like a million dollars! The stool has a metal frame and metal backrest that come in a choice of 13 different color finishes. The seat is available in a wide variety of colors and can be ordered as solid wood, padded vinyl, or padded fabric. It has commercial-grade construction with a frame of fully welded 16-gauge steel. There is root welding at stress points which means this stool is built to last.  There are available matching chairs and armchairs. Plus the stool legs come with butyrate glides to protect the floor.

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