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What Should You Write to Hiring Managers? Tips To Help You Out!

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So, you have spent weeks preparing your resume and cover letter to apply for a job, but with more than 200 candidates applying for it, you wonder what your chances of getting on the hiring manager’s radar are?

By developing a compelling resume for a job you want, you can increase your chance of standing out from the other applicants. Even if you are not searching for a job actively, you can reach out to them to:

  • Know more about a company you prefer working in
  • Connect with someone you like
  • Seek advice about entering that industry
  • Expanding your professional network

Email To Write to a Hiring Manager

The first question is what should I write, and the next is who should you write it to? You should check out the company’s website and job posting to know the name of the hiring managers. If you don’t find it, you can start with Dear Hiring Manager!

To boost your chances of making the hiring manager read your message, here are some essential guidelines:

Be precise

Hiring managers are busy, and they have little time to read messages from potential candidates. So, make sure you are precise. The entire message can be around 30 seconds to one minute or written in three to four lines or 100 words.

Add a call to action

Make sure your request is precise and clear. If you ask to schedule a call, make sure you mention a clear call to action.

Be specific

A vague message will easily be overlooked. So, share your goals with the hiring manager. For instance, rather than asking to consider you for any job position, ask them to consider you for Software Developer’s position posted on December 1.

Customize your message

You may send a generic message to the hiring manager, but the response will be great if you customize your message to every hiring manager. This will help you get better results. You can include the company name and hiring manager’s first and last name as and where needed. If you don’t have a name, go with Hello, Miss, Mr.

Check out the samples

Message to hiring manager samples is extremely beneficial to help candidates understand the type of message they should send to a particular industry or a company hiring manager. There are several messages to hiring manager samples available online to select from.

The sample includes a greeting, body and the closing sentence. The candidate can share the best things about them in the body. Also, include a specific job position and call to action to make them target you accordingly.

Crafting a good and precise message to the hiring manager needs time and effort. After you apply, make sure you say all you want to say. Check out the template examples to get an idea of the kind of message you can type.

The worst-case scenario is you will not hear back, but at least you will have the satisfaction that you gave your best shot.

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