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How Do Event Planners Incorporate QR Codes Into Their Wedding Planning?

Incorporate QR

Across the years, the wedding business has made every couple’s wedding aspirations a reality while also experiencing various problems with the ceremonies they plan.

And the most common problems they face are guests’ uncertainty regarding the date of the wedding, the venue of the event, slowness in sending RSVP verifications, and other concerns.

However, despite these issues, event planners always do their best to address them and always have a reinforcement plan in place to ensure that their clientele’s bridal day is beautiful.

Because many event planners are increasingly incorporating present tech in their planning and management, tech-savvy event planners are providing new technical solutions for clients to consider when planning and implementing their wedding.

That includes wearables for the bride and groom, illumination projections for the wedding cakes and dresses, and QR codes.

While this square filled with pattern codes is widely utilized in today’s advertising and commercial operations, event planners and organizers have been looking for new methods to include it into their clients’ wedding preparations since the advent of contactless interactions.

How Can Wedding Planners Use QR Codes In The Planning And Execution Of A Wedding?

One feature of QR codes that impresses event planners is their capacity to contain multiple data in a single code. And as this technology continues to evolve its ability to simplify complex activities, several wedding planners are now collaborating with a free best QR code generator with logo online to develop thematic and well-designed QR codes to complement their clients’ wedding ideas.

Use QR Codes to Save the Location of The Wedding

Event planners use QR codes to store a map of the venue that can be viewed using one of the internet navigational software like Google Maps to prevent guests from getting lost on their journey to the wedding destination.

Guests will only need to scan the code and let the navigating software guide them to the wedding venue.

Thank You Cards Can Be Used To Store Video Messages

Event planners can utilize a video QR code to store video messages on the Thank You cards they send out to their attendees as a method for the couple to convey their appreciation and recognition for the people who devote their time to witness the event.

Include RSVP Online Forms So That Guests Can Comply Swiftly

Event planners adopt QR codes to embed an online RSVP form for their visitors to respond with just a scan away. One of the challenges their clients’ experience is knowing the number of persons attending the event. They can integrate a Google Form QR code to attach the online RSVP form that they create via Google Forms.

As responses are now provided electronically, the couple will know who will come to the wedding without waiting weeks for the answers to arrive.

Keep a Video Preview On Your Wedding Invites

Some event planners can use QR codes to insert their clients’ pre-wedding teaser into the invitation while creating a wedding invitation for them.

As traditional invitations are can be typical for those couples who wish to have a distinctive wedding experience, this technological gesture will undoubtedly throw their guests in awe and wonder at how innovation can make weddings more distinct and meaningful.


Weddings are one of the most marketed sectors today, and they have become a custom that people of all ages look forward to experiencing. Firms in this area are attempting to deliver better marriage experiences for them through technologies.

As a result, clever event planners working in the wedding business are now revolutionizing their planning and event organizing by using an online QR code generator to develop QR codes that will transform the way people experience weddings today and in the future.

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