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How Product Fulfillment Services Changed The Retail Industry



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Retail is in the midst of upheaval. Shopping behavior has changed significantly with e-commerce. Consumers expect high-quality products/services and more options across all sales channels. Outsourcing product fulfillment services is one of the best ways to free up operating costs to support other business functions like marketing or IT. Therefore, the industry is working on several ideas for shaping the future of shopping and expanding the Omni-channel presence: regionally on-site with new worlds of experience and product fulfillment services in the shops, online, via social networks, and mobile.

Efficiency In E-Commerce Sales Channel

With the fulfillment solution from Red Stag, retailers can operate an extremely efficient e-commerce sales channel with a 24/7 click & collect service in inner-city locations and shopping centers in parallel with a customer-oriented shop. Since pick-up stations and drive-in concepts could become more popular with customers in the future, to receive goods ordered online more quickly, people can easily buy groceries and medicine items without having to enter the market. Red Stag has shown the revolutionary application of its high-density for the first time in front of an international trade audience.

Modular And Scalable Solutions with The Highest Storage Density and Capacity on The Market

As a scalable and highly automated e-commerce fulfillment system, Red Stag’s micro-fulfillment solution is suitable for the fast and efficient processing of online orders at almost any location in stationary retail. With the system, inventories in the shop can be stored in a more space-saving manner and picked ergonomically because the modular design of the micro-fulfillment solution enables it to be easily adapted to different room heights and obstacles. In this way, retailers can store a large number of articles and sizes in their shops with optimal use of space. Hence, there are automated storages and retrieval systems you should read more about.  

The required goods are picked according to the goods-to-person principle via variably configurable workstations and transported to the output station. This means that sellers have more time to do business efficiently as they don’t have to fetch goods or other sizes from the store warehouse. By eliminating classic product shelves or stands, the shop operator also has more space in the sales area to try out products or create other offers for customers.

24/7 Click and Collect or Delivery

At the same time, the retailer can also offer a Click & Collect service for e-commerce orders – whether with a self-service terminal in or outside the store, at a central pick-up station in the shopping center, or by home delivery service. Employees can consolidate e-commerce orders in less than 10 minutes and buffer them in the system until the customer or a delivery service picks them up.

With the requirement of being able to receive e-commerce deliveries on the same day, fast order processing is essential. However, retail fulfillment from regional distribution centers can neither meet the demands of today’s consumers nor achieve the desired cost-efficiency. Retailers can replace aisles on their store floor with a richer shopping experience with fulfillment solutions.

The efficient design of the intuitively operated Red Stag fulfillment center enables a high throughput volume at the output workstations. In addition, dealers can access high performance even on days with high throughput and also for special sales campaigns.

Linking Online and Offline to A Cross-Channel Shopping Experience

Fulfilling e-commerce needs is a major challenge for retail stores. Red Stag’s services are now being used for highly efficient in-store fulfillment of online orders, bringing together the best of both channels. Red Stag is helping to redefine the customer experience in the e-commerce business.

Thus, it can be said with confidence that product fulfillment services have enormously revolutionized the retail industry. It has brought efficiency to the e-commerce channels and smoothened the sales process. The customer experience has improved because of the fast and uninterpreted ordering and delivery process.

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