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Some Unique Side Stall Ideas for Your Event

Some Unique Side Stall Ideas for Your Event

When you think of how to entertain your guests or attendees at your event, many ideas come to mind. You can, for instance, hire a band or string quartet (or any other musicians) to entertain your guests, and it will often be a good idea if it’s a band they could dance or sing along to. But if you are itching to go one step further – perhaps give your guests and attendees entertainment they will not soon forget – there are plenty of ideas out there. Following are a few unique side stall ideas for your event to make it unforgettable and one-of-a-kind.

Creative Side Stall Ideas for Your Event

1. A spin the wheel side stall

The good news about this kind of stall is you can hire one – or you can easily have it custom-made for your event – ask a friendly fairground hire an expert like We Are Tricycle, who can easily set it up for you. As its name implies, the spin-the-wheel side stalls do not require skill or expertise for you to win the game – instead, it relies on pure luck, which means anyone can get a shot at it, and it will all be fair play. You can get an operator who will spin the wheel for your guests, and wherever the pointer lands, you know there’s no cheating! If the pointer lands on a spin, then your guests will have another chance to spin the wheel again, and if it lands on win, your guests can win a prize (you can then determine the prizes – so it can range from simple and fun to fantastic). You can house the side stall in bright red (traditional, classic colors with which we are all familiar), and you can have banners on the side to encourage your guests to try it out.

2. A pick and mix side stall

Another popular alternative nowadays is not a game per se – but everyone will love getting a chance to fill their bags with goodies. So what is it? It’s simple – a booth with a wide assortment of sweets and treats, and your guests are given a small goodie bag to fill up with whatever they fancy from the cart. If you are having an event such as a movie night, it’s the perfect way for your guests to fill up on munchies right before they watch a film, or you can use it as an exhibition stand when participating in a trade show or exhibition.

Each sweet and treat is displayed neatly in clear containers, and each container has its own tongs or scoop – so there is no cross-contamination involved. Everyone will love picking and mixing their preferred sweet, and it’s ideal for any event – from birthdays to corporate and charity events to weddings and exhibitions.

3. A mini golf game hire

Now here’s one that’s an actual game – a mini golf game, that is! You can set up a mini golf game at your event, hire a course and get everyone involved. A course often consists of nine boards, each with a different feature or obstacle that players have to overcome. Your guests will be addicted once they start playing, and players have their scorecards to keep score. The winner gets a prize – but everyone wins as it’s great fun for kids and adults alike.

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