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Top Six Ways to Improve Construction Project Management

Top Six Ways to Improve Construction Project Management

The construction industry is growing, and many project managers have a lot of competition for jobs. It is very important to make sure that you have the best construction project management plan in place so that you can consistently deliver results that make your clients happy. Being organized and having a plan helps to ensure that your projects come in close to budget and on time. Take a look at the top six ways to improve construction project management.

Improvement in Construction Project Management

1. Always Work to Improve Your Planning

The best way to improve your construction project is to constantly improve your planning. Each time you complete a project, reflect on what you could have done better. Each time you undertake a new project, you will improve your efficiency. The planning stage is critical because you need to create your schedule and estimate your costs. You need to be accurate with these estimates to determine what supplies you need in what quantities, who you need for different parts of the project, and more.

2. Try Construction Management Software

Another way that you can improve your project management is by using construction project management software like Jonas Premier. There are different tools available, and they organize all of the data and information about your project in one location. You won’t need to flip through papers and files, and it is easy to find what you need when you need it. This type of software can manage your contractors, invoicing, bills, time sheets, documents, job scheduling, and more. Most of the time, everything is stored in the cloud, which keeps your documents safe and accessible when you need them.

3. Communicate Constantly

Every part of your construction project requires communication. You need to communicate with the contractors, your employees, the clients, and the suppliers. Being transparent and available to provide updates and information when it’s needed, will help you to reduce the number of phone calls and emails you receive because everyone will be informed and understand where the project stands. There are project management platforms available that allow you to upload photos, documents, calendars, and updates, and you can monitor the progress throughout the project.

4. Spend Time Observing

No matter how much planning you do, nothing will help you know exactly what is happening on the site better than seeing it yourself. In addition, there are some problems that you need to lay eyes on before you can resolve them. You should be familiar with everyone who is working on-site and make yourself a regular presence. You will be able to familiarize yourself with new equipment, practices, safety procedures, and more. It helps you learn the latest trends and know what is going on, so you can manage the project more efficiently.

5. Establish Performance Measurements to Hold Crews Accountable

One way to motivate your crews is to establish performance measurements. If you have rewards for reaching certain benchmarks, it can help with motivation. An effective reward is a bonus, which can really help improve efficiency and communication. You can consider any of the performance metrics that are important to your job, such as being on time, having the right attitude, reaching milestones on time, and the quality of the work. You can also offer training to further give your crews and your supervisors the tools they need to move the project forward efficiently.

6. Be a Good Listener

When you are on-site observing your project, you should listen attentively if any of your workers has something to say. You need to trust them because they are there every day, and they can help you spot problems when they first begin. You should consider involving some of your more experienced workers starting in the planning phase so that they understand what the project goals are and can stay in contact with you to alert you if anything starts to go off track.

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