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Web Content Development, Optimization, and Maintenance: A Closer Look

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Roughly three decades since the first website was launched, the number of websites has grown to almost 2 billion. That number will only increase in the future as more people and businesses create websites every day.

Launching a website is a great way to engage with internet users who’re interested in what you have to offer online. But guiding a website to success is tougher than many people imagine. In fact, Google receives no traffic for 91% of all web content.

The best way to join the elite 9 percent is to master web content development, optimization, and maintenance. In this blog, we take a closer look at each of these three pillars of website success.

Web Content Development

Web content development refers to the process of crafting the information that your website will offer users. The entire process involves researching, gathering, organizing, writing, and editing information that you’ll then publish on your website.

Web content comes in different varieties, including:

  • Blogs
  • Graphics
  • Recordings
  • Pictures
  • Video and audio content
  • Testimonials
  • Calls to action

No matter the purpose of your website, it’s important that you have high-quality content. It’s the only way to attract visitors and inspire them to visit your site again and again.

Web Content SEO

Web content optimization refers to the process of adjusting and updating your on-page copy and coding to make the content more appealing to search engines and human searchers. Through optimization, you get to improve the quality of the content.

Search engine robots generally rank well-optimized content higher in SERPs. It can also boost your website conversions. See more benefits of routinely optimizing content in The HOTH Blog.

For those new to SEO web content, there’s a lot of information online that offers simple SEO tips for beginners. Read this information and start applying the tips to see an improvement in your content ranking.

Web Content Maintenance

As soon as your website goes live, you’ll need to maintain it for as long as it’s active. Web content maintenance refers to all the work you do to ensure that the live content on your website is relevant, current, and accurate. It also involves making sure that your web content is in accordance with the set standards, policies, guidelines, and best practices.

Content maintenance can be something simple, like correcting a single typo on one web page. It could also be a complex affair, such as rewriting and reorganizing your entire website.

How often should you do web content maintenance? Try to do it as often as possible. Some experts recommend doing so at least once a week.

Keep Your Website Ahead of the Rest

The internet is a highly crowded place, with millions of websites launched each year. To keep your website from getting lost in the crowd, do your best to polish your web content development, optimization, and maintenance skills.

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