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Why Take Up an Electronics and Communication Engineering Course Online?

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An electronics and communication engineering course or ECE is one of the most sought-after engineering trades. It involves designing, developing, and constructing electronic products for devices, circuits, and communication devices.

A well-rounded training session in the area helps to bring a better understanding of critical concepts like –

  • Analogue transmission
  • Solid-state devices
  • Basics of electronics and microprocessors
  • An insight into analogue and satellite communication systems
  • Gaining better knowledge about integrated circuits, wave progression, microwave engineering, etc.

What makes these electronics and communication engineering courses so popular?

One of the major reasons for the success of electronics and communication engineering courses is that it helps to build a strong career in industries like – telecommunication, consumer electronics, software engineering, mobile communication, and power and healthcare equipment manufacturing processes. Similarly, the government’s reputed service wing – Indian Engineering Services, also hires such students.

However, a predominant number of these are employed in the semiconductor industry. Therefore, the organizations look for engineers with an additional VLSI design course to ease their recruitment process.

Why choose to enrol in a VLSI design course apart from your engineering course?

Since electronic equipment deals primarily with circuits, it has active and passive components. From its original dependence on vacuum tubes and SSD to semiconductor devices, the size of the product and its internal components have reduced considerably.

An integrated circuit has a single chip that can handle numerous passive and active parts to deliver specific outcomes for the industry. A VLSI device is similar to a 16-32 bit microprocessor that can accommodate around a million transistors on a single chip. In the case of its advanced version – ULSI and GLSI, the integration is intended only for use in a specific embedded system.

Since devices have become quite complex, managing these circuits within a wafer-thin design has turned tough. The above-mentioned recent developments in integrated technology have become quite complex, allowing you to accommodate even more components. This is why the demand for a good VLSI design course has become important.

What makes VLSI components so complex?

  • The VLSI has a complex job design, and organisations search for relevant talent to help them manage the situation.
  • Since VLSI components are discrete, these use a lot less power. These systems are also reliable, making them good for numerous businesses and manufacturing processes.
  • The operating speeds of these components are also high, and the cost is affordable.

Uses of VLSI components

Having undergone training in the domain can be especially helpful if you are looking for a career in diverse manufacturing sectors and processes. Some of the common applications include –

  • Digital signal processing for usage in speech processing
  • Commercial electronic systems – this is often used to enhance the quality of existing household items or for specific commercial applications
  • Medical equipment manufacturing – VLSI components are widely used in designing a variety of electronic medical equipment
  • Automobile manufacturing processes – VLSI components find use in components like Anti-lock Braking Systems

Numerous companies are actively seeking professionals with a relevant understanding of the domain and offer lucrative packages. Thus, a reputed training organisation’s certificate program is crucial to ensure that you leave a strong impression and make a mark in the interview process.

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