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How to Get Good Scores in AP Calculus Exam

ap calculus exam

AP calculus means Advanced Placement Calculus. The AP calculus exam help students take college level lessons while still studying in high school. This exam helps students earn college credits, and that helps them get advanced placement while studying in high school only. Therefore, a student should start preparing for the AP calculus exam from his/her 9th grade to get good scores.

There are two sections in AP calculus: AP Calculus AB and AP calculus BC. The AP Calculus AB focuses on differential and integral calculus. The AP Calculus BC focuses on the calculus as well as subsequent single variable calculus. Students can choose Calculus AB if they want to pursue business, bio, chemistry, or economics. On the other hand, if a student wants to pursue statistics or applied math or fields related to the computer, he/she can opt for AP calculus BC.

Tips to Get Good Scores in AP Calculus Exam

This exam’s difficulty level is high; hence here are a few tips on how to get good scores in the AP calculus exam:

1. Solve a problem multiple times

Practice makes a man perfect. When solving or practicing equations, make sure you keep doing a question until you are sure and confident about it. If you are not able to do a sum, solve it multiple times, you may get different answers, but if you keep doing it, you will get the correct answer soon. Make sure to know and apply the correct methods to the question to get the right answer.

2. Skip questions

When you are practicing equations and you cannot solve a problem, leave it! Sometimes returning to a problem after spending some leisure time helps in solving the problem easily. You can leave the sums or the problems you got stuck with and return to them later after completing the paper.

This approach will also help in time management because getting stuck in the same problem can take up a lot of your time.

3. A study plan

A study plan is highly necessary when you are going to take such a difficult exam. It would be best to dedicate a lot of your time to practice for the exam. The more your practice, the more you will be getting closer to success. Finish your homework and do all the assignments given by your teacher. Make a schedule for practicing when you have the maximum energy. Try avoiding studying at night.

4. Study with other students

Studying with other students will help you know who you are competing with. This is necessary because it will boost your confidence and enable you to invest more time in the practice. You will also get to have an idea of the various strategies your friends are using to study. The more you know, the more it will help you to do better. Practicing with your friends will also help you if you have trouble with some topics. You can take their help and help them in return as well, and it will help you in getting some extra practice.

5. Practice papers

Solve the practice papers and previous papers to get a hint of what you are going to face in the test. The more you solve the calculus problems, the better you will get at it. Start your practice early. Last minute prep and practice will stress you out and may also lose confidence.

So, know your syllabus, set a study schedule, and start studying.

Final Thoughts

I hope our blog helped you get an idea of how to score good marks in your AP calculus exam. Make sure to give your best and do not lose confidence while you are at it.

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