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Technical Courses One Must Consider After Graduation

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The world nowadays provides a great education system for all its students. From conventional graduate and postgraduate courses to vocational training, there are hundreds of options you can choose from, based on your likes and interests.

Did you know that nearly 6.7% of the world’s population holds a college degree? If you have freshly graduated and are looking for some great postgraduation technical courses, here’s a list that can help you.

Which Technical Course is Best After Graduation?

1. Agriculture

Agricultural studies aren’t just about how to farmlands and take care of crops anymore. In today’s world, agricultural development deals with rural management, animal medicine, genetically modified crops, and climate changes just to name a few. You can also wish to switch over to veterinary medicine or horticulture from agriculture if you wish.

2. Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering is the next big thing in the healthcare industry. As the name suggests, it is a combination of medicine and engineering. If you’re interested in the world of prosthetics, new healthcare technologies, radiology, laparoscopic instruments, etc. this can be a great field for you. Many students even wish to pursue medicine after studying biomedical engineering.

3. Artificial intelligence engineer

We all know how important artificial intelligence (AI) has become. From programming smartphones to communicating with voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, AI has become the latest rage. Many places in the world, such as Australia, provide some great TAFE courses on artificial intelligence that you can look out for.

4. Data analyst

Data analytics courses often collaborated with reputed industries like IBM, which can turn you into an expert in the world of data. You’ll understand how to work with databases like SQL, learn programs like Python or R, create data visualizations, and apply statistical analytics to businesses. There are online boot camp courses for many students too so that they can learn from the comfort of their houses.

5. Cultural studies

Cultural studies deal with the publication and review of different cultural and intellectual themes all over the globe. You can get a graduate diploma or a graduate certificate in cultural leadership. You’ll learn about the workings of various art and cultural institutions and how to enhance your communication skills so as to understand aspects of humanities and social sciences.

6. Philosophy

Postgraduate philosophy is a pretty sought-after field after graduation. A postgraduate in philosophy can opt for fields like policy management, public relations officer, or even a lawyer. You can even opt for a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree after studying for four years. This will require you to conduct your independent research and uncover new ideas and themes.

7. Machine learning

An amazing machine learning course, designed by Switchup and Coursereport will provide you with skills regarding how to understand and operate various machines and equipment. You will also have an opportunity to work with real-time data, develop algorithms, and develop regressions. With more than 25 hands-on exercises and real-life industry projects, you can become a pro at machine learning after graduation.

8. AWS Architect certification

Another great technical course is the architect certification training course that every AWS aspirant needs to learn. You will learn to master AWS learning principles and services like IAM, VPC, and EBS. This is an online boot camp course that will test your knowledge through simulation exams and offer you real-time industry projects. You will even get to see live demos of AWS projects and how to tackle problems.

9. Masters of Business Management

Any good business requires good leaders. And good leaders are shaped in MBA courses. With an MBA degree, you can stay one step ahead of others in the corporate world and learn how to handle businesses. There are many specializations to choose from, such as human resources, finance, project management, etc. Based on your skills, you can go for any of these.

10. Pharmacology

There are dozens of universities that offer technical courses in pharmacology. They require students to have an in-depth knowledge of chemistry, medicine, and human physiology. You will learn how to formulate different medicines, identify illnesses, and see the interaction between different drugs and the human body.

Over to you…

These are some of the great TAFE or technical courses that you can pursue after your graduation to prepare yourself better for a job! TAFE courses are not only student-friendly but also bridge the gap between schools and universities.

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