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4 Writing Tools for Students You Don’t Want to Miss

Online Writing Tools For Students

Are you a student struggling with writing? Do you find it hard to get tools that will make things easier for you? You are definitely not alone. There are lots of students who experience this challenge as well.

The life of a regular student often involves writing. Whether you study literature or not, you will find yourself actively involved in projects that require you to write. To write properly, you will need to find the right writing tools to use.

Thanks to technological advancement, software developers have been able to come up with certain tools to enhance an individual’s writing abilities and make writing easy. In this article, we will be highlighting specific writing tools that you certainly do not want to miss.

4 Online Writing Tools For Students

Writing Tools That Improve Your Skills

Outlined below are some of the best writing tools, which are very easily accessible to all students and are also free to use.


Grammarly is the most used writing tool by students today. It offers a free version and a premium version, which are easily accessible by anyone that wants to use it. Grammarly is an online proofreading tool that offers suggestions for grammar use and incorrect spelling.

Its free version offers basic corrections like grammar mistakes, while its paid version offers everything, including a plagiarism check. It can also be added to your browser as an extension to source for any errors in online documents and write-ups.

Google Docs

This is a free-form application offered by Google. The app, as the name implies, allows users to create documents, edit documents, and even share them with other users using a link. It allows multiple users to view a single document file.

If you need to work on a group project and you ask yourself questions like “where to find a custom term paper helper?”, then this app should be your first option. It is absolutely free, as you are only required to sign up with your email after downloading the app. The app is quite similar to Microsoft Word, but its documents can be shared in real-time.


This is a writing tool used by students to make citations of the source information they intend to add to projects. It gives students four different citation formats: MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian.

Most academic-based papers need citations, and that is where this tool comes in handy. It has a free version and a premium version. The paid version is known to check for plagiarism and missing citations. With a tool as efficient as this, you would not have to go through so much stress in sorting out your citations.

Word Counter

In writing, there is always a need to keep up with the specific word count required of you. Counting each word one after the other can be very tiresome.

A word counter helps solve this challenge. You could either choose to type directly on the platform or paste it into the tool to be able to know the number of words you have written. This tool will also count sentences, characters, paragraphs, and even pages. The best part about this is that it is absolutely free.


Writing can be quite stressful, especially when students struggle to accurately write essays that need to be in context and add value to the reader.

However, it is no doubt that writing tools have been proven to assist immensely in several tasks associated with writing. Writing has become easier lately because these tools are readily available to help with grammatical errors, plagiarism, and even word count. Using writing tools to assist your writing process will make your work accurate and exceptional.

It takes just simple clicks on your device and you will be able to take your writing skills to the next level. These writing tools help to improve your writing, save you time, and sharpen your writing skills, thus helping you make better grades in your assignments and essays.

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