Home Entertainment 5 Best Live Action Adaptions of Anime to watch in New Zealand (June 2024)

5 Best Live Action Adaptions of Anime to watch in New Zealand (June 2024)

5 Best Live Action Adaptions of Anime to watch in New Zealand

These movies demonstrate that not all live-action anime film adaptations are terrible, although some of them certainly are.

Anime is never grounded and purposefully defies reality, which makes it particularly difficult to adapt to live-action. Spiked hair of every color under the rainbow, grotesque proportions of human (and non-human) bodies, bizarre angles and poses, and absurdly cutesy expressions are just a few examples. In this article, we will discuss how to watch anime on Crunchyroll NZ.

Budget constraints in most live-action adaptations make it particularly challenging to translate sequences to extremely grandiose and visually breathtaking levels faithfully. As a result, some adaptations appear repugnantly bland because they reject any oddity, suspend disbelief, and seem almost ashamed of their sources.

Others don’t quite appreciate their audiences and believe that for western viewers to grasp distinctly Japanese stories, they must be Americanized. As a result, It leads to uninteresting, generic films that are frequently also borderline insulting.

Although live-action anime adaptations have a terrible reputation, there are a lot of excellent anime-inspired films. Both fans and those who have never heard of it will find it enjoyable because they can capture its source’s tension, style, and humor while preserving its originality. The top anime live-action adaptations are listed below.

Live Action Adaptions of Anime


Kingdom does its source material justice by telling the story of two enslaved people who become generals in a historical battle fantasy. This film is a stand-alone wuxia masterpiece, so it might entice some new viewers to check out the anime and manga it was based on. What’s not to enjoy about performances that are adorably solemn and extravagant, epic music, and outfits that Variety describes as “a blend of Game of Thrones and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome with African and Chinese elements.”


As is frequently the case in the world of fiction, seeing an explosion—especially one of extraterrestrial origin—can provide the witness with extraordinary abilities. After that occurs to an elderly salaryman without friends and a bright young man named Hiro, one of them becomes a real-life hero. At the same time, the other goes on the rampage against anybody who has ever even marginally offended him in his life. In a twist on genre norms, the modest elderly guy seeks to save the day from the youngster who becomes a ferocious supervillain. An anti-ageist superhero movie called Inuyashiki “manages to depict an immensely human story in one of the vainest and characterless genres in cinema,” according to Asian Movie Pulse. You can also check out the list of Naruto’s filler episodes in order to save time.

Assassination Classroom

After a seemingly unkillable tentacled creature nearly destroys the moon, it joyfully declares that it will soon do the same to Earth, but not before teaching high school students algebra. To graduate from high school, the students must fulfill not one but two impossible missions: pass their exams and assassinate their teacher. Unapologetically odd and faithful to the manga and anime it is translating, The Assassination Classroom seamlessly transitions this craziness to live-action, which is more of a struggle in and of itself. As a result, this film manages to be both wholly ludicrous and surprisingly endearing at the same time, being described by We Got This Covered as “an apocalyptic bit of J-pop mayhem that’s an underdog narrative at heart, but an alien invasion film in practice.”

Death Note

Death Note has a troubled past, having given rise to one of the ugliest, most repulsive, and wholly failed movies and one of the best model live-action anime adaptations. The excellent 2006 remake is a slow-moving psychological thriller filled with tension that follows brilliant student Light Yagami as he picks up a notebook that allows him to kill virtually anyone around the globe. By killing criminals (and eventually anybody who attempts to stop him), he decides to improve the world, but his brand of justice instills more terror than joy. An enigmatic detective pursues him, and a game of cat and mouse develops.

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney demonstrates that adapting video games and anime may not only be a fun branching out for the fan base but also enhance the fandom experience as a whole by turning the annoyingness of the courtroom drama to 11. This story, which focuses on the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney cases, follows a young defense lawyer as he works with her younger sister, a psychic in training, to try to uncover the murder of his mentor. Again, the director made the right decision in Takashi Miike, the master of pulp, as he added his cartoonish action flair and emphasized Ace Attorney’s outrageous, high-camp moments.

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