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Just as the internet has evolved over the years and made its way into the “needs” list, Netflix has made its way into our hearts. Not a day goes by when we do not watch or stream Netflix at some point of the day even if for 10 or 15 minutes just to refresh our minds and get back to the real world. This owes to their exceptional management and customer-oriented approach to working in achieving this non-replaceable space in our lives. Now no matter what, one must have a Netflix account. However, for streaming and such you need a good internet connection and great customer support to smooth out the billing and support processes, as no one has time for the unwanted hassle with already busy schedules. For example, Hughesnet customer support is an exceptional service provided to Hughesnet users with complete technical support and features that save you both time and money. Many other top internet companies offer such benefits too depending on which you are using, you can acquire about it from the customer support. Read on ahead to know more about Netflix, its smooth evolution, and its plans.

Netflix’s Evolution

Netflix has taken the world by storm – it is the number 1 source in North America in the downstream web traffic sector. Netflix has been able to evolve itself into something much different from what it began as. At the height of DVD rental stores such as Blockbuster, Netflix was the first DVD mail order service which was founded in the year 1998. The founders were Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph who have been recognized as two dot com entrepreneurs. In its evolution, Netflix has been able to successfully navigate the shifting consumer demands and grow itself to a level where it is now a household name.

Netflix And The Demise Of Blockbuster?

While Netflix played a role in the demise of the DVD rental store Blockbuster, it was not the only factor. Blockbuster was already declining when Netflix came into the market: Redbox (2002) and Netflix were mail services that were more convenient and affordable for the customers. They had much lower overheads as compared to the physical (and huge) blockbuster stores. Blockbuster was too slow to respond to changing needs – they launched mail DVD 6 years after Netflix and DVD kiosks 7 years after Redbox by which time most of the customers had already switched. Blockbuster also lost out when it focused on increasing soda and candy sales while Netflix was launching its online streaming site. Surprisingly, Blockbuster had an offer to purchase Netflix for 50 million US $ and turned it down.

Netflix Live Streaming – An Accessible Solution

Netflix streaming solution began as an exclusive computer platform but with the advent of technology, it began to evolve. Netflix has now begun offering delivery on other platforms including TV boxes, XBOX, and even Blu-Ray players. Later on, the streaming solution was also made available on smart TVs, PlayStation 3 as well as other gadgets with an internet connection such as smartphones. Netflix then again expanded to include the Nintendo Wii as well as various Apple devices in its platform of devices.

Netflix Today

Netflix has now evolved into much more than a simple streaming service: it has left its mail order and video rental days far behind. It is now a global strength that is pulling users away from traditional television networks. It has even started producing its TV series. This production began with the 2013 hit show House of Cards and has expanded to unique content all over the globe. Slowly but steadily, Netflix’s volume of content being shown as well as produced as Netflix exclusive has grown to compete with any traditional television network. The success of Netflix lies in the simple fact that it is giving viewers of today what they want. They are producing sequels to much-loved old shows such as Fuller House, which has helped in cementing its popularity. The user base of Netflix lies at 75 million subscribers present all over the world. A massive 44 million users belong to the USA, however, Netflix has been able to develop a unique category that is entirely it’s own. It has been reported that users in over 190 countries consume a total of 125 million hours daily!

The Future of Netflix

In recent times, Netflix has gone on to evolve even more by putting its steaming service status into question: it has launched its first-ever TV show that is being regularly scheduled same as traditional TV: this is a talk show by Chelsea Handler and is currently unnamed. Some of the assumptions being made are that the platform will soon begin producing its films under the Netflix Originals banner. These assumptions and the expected path of growth of Netflix are surprising yet allow Netflix to continue being the star that it is!

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