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Your Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Toronto (May 2024)

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Toronto has a reputation for being the most diverse city on earth. This multicultural melting pot offers something for everyone – and every budget.

If you’re thinking about moving to Toronto, you want to find the very best neighborhoods that will meet your needs. Our guide has something for everyone. Whether you’re a high-roller looking for the best of city life, or want a quiet place to bring up the family, we’ve got a neighborhood for you.

Read on for your guide to the best neighborhoods in Toronto.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a historic district in downtown Toronto. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2006 and is home to one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Canada.

It’s full of cool restaurants and bars to hang out in, with shops and book shops to satisfy adventurous palates and curious minds. It’s a little edgy and has historically been a haven for non-conformists. If this describes you, this could be one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto to put down roots.

Old Town

Old Town Toronto and St Lawrence Market Neighborhood are two of the original parts of Toronto. In the Old Town, Victorian-era buildings sit comfortably next to modern high-rises. This eclectic mix makes for some of the most attractive – and expensive – real estate in the whole of the city.

The focal point remains St Lawrence Market. It opened in 1803 and is still the place to shop locally. It’s the perfect place to buy something organic and local for supper.

If you’ve got a passion for the past, and deep pockets, Old Town is for you. It’s conveniently located for accessing any part of the city and is close to many downtown offices of major companies.

Entertainment District

If you want to live right where the action’s at, the Entertainment District could be one of the best neighborhoods to move to in Toronto for you.

Located by the CN Tower and opposite Roundhouse Park, higher floor condos offer great views over downtown and the water. It’s a district for people who like to work hard and play harder, with nightclubs, theatres, and entertainment venues galore.

It’s perfect for high-earning young to middle-aged professionals who want amenities close by and don’t want a long commute. Learn more here about the area and the kind of real estate available.

High Park North

One of the main attractions of the beautiful High Park North neighborhood is High Park. This vast open space is located on a hill, offering stunning views of Lake Ontario. If you’re moving to Toronto but still want to enjoy outdoor pursuits, this could be the place for you.

The neighborhood itself boasts a charming mix of homes built in the late 19th century along with modern apartments and condos. Semi-detached homes are also available. They’re ideal for families wanting to stay close to the city while enjoying some of the advantages of suburbia.

North York

Located away from downtown, North York was a municipal city in its own right before being amalgamated with Toronto in 1998. Over the years, North York has developed a reputation as one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto. It’s great for those looking to escape the bustle of downtown.

In terms of housing, it offers a mix between city life – apartments and condos – and classic suburban housing stock. Located north of the city and at a higher elevation, many homes offer views of downtown to remind you where you are.

Recently the Yonge Sheppard Center has been redeveloped. This has brought new shops, a food court, and even a daycare. It highlights the confidence locally in North York’s future.

There are also outdoor spaces aplenty. Willowdale Park and Albert Standing Park are two local highlights. They offer green spaces and leisure amenities to keep the whole family entertained.


Another city amalgamated into Toronto in 1998, Etobicoke is a haven for families. If you’re raising a family and thinking about where to live in Toronto, one of the Etobicoke neighborhoods could be perfect for you.

The best neighborhoods include The Lakeshore, Humber Valley Village, and North Etobicoke. They’re great for families and suit a range of budgets.

The Lakeshore offers all the amenities families need, set along a peaceful lakefront location. It’s the definition of a leafy suburb with tree-lined boulevards and parks reaching right down to the water.

Humber Valley Village is an established community that feels a million miles from downtown. Yet it’s an easy 15-minute commute into the heart of the action.

Traditionally it’s made up of mainly single-family detached houses. However, more condo developments have started to spring up in recent years.

North Etobicoke offers some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto for families on a budget. Look out for deals in The Elms, Smithfield, and Rexdale. These areas combine family amenities with a manageable commute to downtown workplaces.

The Beaches

It’s no surprise from the name that many streets in The Beaches end by the lakeshore. If you’re moving to Toronto and want to experience the very best of housing and amenities, The Beaches is a perfect choice.

Kew-Balmy Beach is the ideal place to bring the family on those hot summer days. In the winter, check out the outdoor sculpture garden at the same location.

It boasts excellent public schools and a low crime rate. The snag? The average cost of homes in The Beaches comes in at a cool $1.3 million.

For those who can afford it, it’s truly one of the best Toronto neighborhoods to settle down in.

The Best Neighborhoods in Toronto for Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a young professional looking to mix business and pleasure, or a family raising kids. Toronto’s diversity and housing mix mean there are neighborhoods in Toronto that are perfect for you.

If you like to keep up with the latest trends in real estate and home improvement, then look no further. Check out our Home Improvement blogs for the latest in trends and know-how to get your home just how you want it.

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