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Getting Started with Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know

Getting Started with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been steadily growing in popularity since it first entered the scene, although it has experienced a huge boom in the last few years. Most people have heard of Bitcoin, but they are not necessarily particularly educated on it. If cryptocurrency is something that interests you, it is important that you learn more about it before rushing in, which is why we have put together the following guide.

A Background to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which is nearly impossible to counterfeit or inflate. They are incredibly versatile; they can be used to send or receive money from anyone, anywhere at any time. All transactions are final. They cannot be reversed or refunded, which is why transactions need to be confirmed before being finalized. Records of the transactions are stored online, which means that they are not anonymous – anyone can search and view all of the transactions made by a bitcoin address. The world of cryptocurrency is still new, which means that it is subject to change.

Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be an excellent way to make money. However, the market can be incredibly volatile, which is why it is necessary to do the work beforehand.

Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be purchased from a variety of different platforms such which facilitate things like crypto-exchanges, peer trading or brokerages. However, not all options are reliable, which is why a level of caution is required on the part of the buyer. Do some research to find licenses, reliable and regulated platforms. Compare exchange rates, too and check out the deposit or withdrawal fees before you make any commitments. If you want to learn more about how to buy Bitcoin online, then Paxful has some excellent and informative resources available to help you further. They can also help you to get started with your Bitcoin journey too.

Lack of Security

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is a decentralized technology. This means that cryptocurrencies are not subject to the same protections or regulations as physical currency is. The government and banks play no role in protecting the money; it is entirely up to the user. With Bitcoin, you are entirely responsible for securing and controlling your coins. If hackers compromise your coins, there is not really that much you can do about it after the fact. The best thing to do is to ensure that your wallet and your bitcoin is protected in the first place. Digital currencies are kept in digital wallets. You do have control when it comes to your digital wallet. You can choose whether to encrypt, password protects it, back it up or a combination of them.

Market Uncertainty

The demand for bitcoin ebbs and flows naturally, as do most markets; however, because the supply of bitcoin is finite, this can lead to a volatile market price. The price is subject to change, and it can see huge increases or decreases depending on the demand. In addition, the price can change dramatically over the course of a few minutes or hours. Although this is often true of most investments which is why as a general rule, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose, and that goes for all forms of investments. Some investments do constitute a higher risk for higher rewards, but that is something that comes down to the discretion of the individual; some people do not like to take risks instead opting for safer investments. These can still be rewarding, but with minimal risk attached.

Cryptocurrencies Are Still in Their Infancy

Most forms of cryptocurrency are still evolving. The technology, while not brand new, is arguably still in its infancy. It is finding its feet still, which means that over the next few years, it will likely see a lot of changes, and this can be difficult to predict. It will likely become more stable, but this could take on many forms. For example, despite the fact that bitcoin is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world is not widely accepted as a form of payment. However, this could be one of the things that change in the next few years as both consumers and businesses realize that it is far quicker, and it allows them to circumnavigate transaction fees.


First and foremost, it is obviously perfectly legal to invest in bitcoin. However, there are a few things that you may not have considered. Firstly, it is incredibly hard to try and ensure your bitcoin investments as there often is relatively few if any insurance options to begin with. There are a few companies that offer crypto-insurance, but their reliability has yet to be confirmed for the most part. Secondly, just because bitcoin is a digital currency does not mean that it is exempt from taxes. Different countries have their own rules and requirements when it comes to the taxation of cryptocurrencies. It is imperative that you read up on this before investing.

Remain Sceptical

Oftentimes your scepticism and cynicism is simply your gut telling you that something seems off or too good to be true. More often than not, this impulse will turn out to be true. When investing in general, you should never accept what you are told at face value, never mind how reliable or trusted the source is. This is especially true for digital investments. Unfortunately, the internet is full of misleading misinformation and the cryptocurrency world has its fair share of scam artists. You should always try to verify any claims made by doing your own independent research.

The Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency can be an incredibly lucrative investment choice. It comes down to the individual and the amount of research that they are willing to put in. Doing your due diligence simply makes good business sense. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to investing, depending on the form of investments. Digital investments like cryptocurrency are perhaps more unpredictable than other forms. Still, they can make a lot of sense if done right. Use this guide as a starting point to help you on your cryptocurrency journey.

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