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Important Pointers Before Opening the Savings Account

Important Pointers Before Opening the Savings Account

The opening process of an online savings account is never a stressful experience. Many savings accounts from various banks look similar, but a little difference occurs. This difference is based on where you choose to open the savings account online or offline. The interest rates vary from one bank to another. Some of the banks offer low-interest rates, whereas some of the banks offer average interest rates.

According to the analysis, it has been determined that approximately 31 banks are providing more than 200 types of savings accounts, according to the requirements of their customers. Before opening a savings account, you must know the purpose under which you decide to open this account and know which bank facilities you will need.

Purpose of opening the savings account

When you think about an online savings account, you have to know the following objectives.

  • Keeping a close look at the transactions
  • Net banking facilities
  • Saving money
  • Transfer of money
  • Paying bills online

Pointers to check before opening a savings account

Here we are going to tell you about some important pointers you must consider before opening a savings account.

1. Minimum opening amount

Some banks ask you to make a minimum deposit before activating the savings account. This is used by banks to cover costs that are associated with setting and maintaining a new account.

2. Minimum monthly balance

In order to consider the interest rates applicable on savings accounts, you have to maintain the deposit or minimum monthly balance every month. If you are not successful in meeting the requirement of the minimum monthly balance, then the bank will lower the interest rates for the month. So it is suggested to save more every month and fulfill the bank’s criteria.

3. Services under savings account

You have to check whether the bank offers you various services such as debit cards, balance sweep facility, phone banking account, net banking, etc., in a savings account or not. Give priority to a particular bank for opening a Savings account only after checking their services.

4. Promotional interest rates

When we start looking for a bank to open a Savings account, there are many choices in front of us. Also, there are many banks that provide promotional interest rates to their account holders. This type of interest rate is only for a restricted time before going back to the standard variable interest rates of Savings accounts.

5. Withdrawals frequency

A huge number of accounts have restrictions on the number of withdrawals in a month. If you think that you need to make frequent withdrawals, then you should choose the type of savings account that permits you to do so without any restrictions or penalties.


This article will cover the facts on the purpose of or considerations before opening a Savings account. It is concluded that the process of opening a Savings account is not easy. You have to develop a relationship with the banks to make transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loans, etc.

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