Home Finance What Should I Do in a Self-driving Car Crash and Who is Liable for the Damages?

What Should I Do in a Self-driving Car Crash and Who is Liable for the Damages?

What Should I Do in a Self-driving Car Crash and Who is Liable for the Damages?

With the rise in technology worldwide, more companies are beginning to produce self-driving vehicles. While the initial research showed that these vehicles would reduce the rate of road accidents, these cars are not perfect. Reports of accidents involving these automated cars are no longer a new matter.

However, determining who to blame for the crash can be pretty hectic. Since these vehicles are still relatively new in the market, insurance companies and law enforcement still have difficulty solving these cases. In case of an accident, take these steps.

  • Call the police and record your statement no matter who is at fault.
  • Take pictures of the scene from all angles. All details are essential.
  • Ask for witnesses and let them narrate their side of the story.
  • Inform your insurance company immediately for the compensation process to start.
  • In case of injuries, seek medical attention immediately and keep the hospital bills safe for future reference.

Who Takes the Liability?

After taking care of emergencies and leaving the crash scene, you will need to determine who was at fault, and whether the self-driving car is yours or not. Let us venture into the possibilities.

The Driver

According to the self-driving car accident laws, the driver is liable for any accident that involves his negligence or lack of attentiveness. Even if you engage in the autonomous mode, your eyes and ears should be on the road to help rescue in case of any eventualities.

Additionally, you may take the blame if you did not inspect the vehicle or take it for the required servicing before leaving for your journey. Therefore, you should remember that even when the car is driving itself, you still have a role to play in keeping everyone on the road safe.

The Manufacturer

Even though placing the liability on the manufacturer may take some convincing, it is still possible. If the vehicle inspection reveals some fault in the car’s software, you should hold the manufacturer responsible for the accident. Currently, many companies are testing their autonomous car models for defects and perfecting their systems. Some like Volvo declared that they would take the blame for any accidents their cars cause.

However, this may require obtaining concrete proof of the errors in the vehicle’s software. While this may take a while to solve, it is worth the wait since the compensation will not lie on you, and the malfunctioning car will no longer be on the road.

Fellow Drivers

Even with the cameras and other high-tech software, some reckless driving from fellow drivers on the road can easily cause a crash. Fortunately, the car’s system records everything, and the video footage may help solve this issue.

The driver on the wrong should take responsibility, and their insurance will facilitate your compensation. This process should not be very complicated like the one involving the manufacturer.

In conclusion, always have your concentration on the road even when the vehicle drives itself. Avoid distractions and ensure you are always ready to take over the wheel when you suspect impending trouble. Since these vehicles are still quite new in the market, look for experienced lawyers with previous experience in such cases to help you determine the course of the case. Whether you are at fault or not, a good lawyer will help you conclude the case with a smile on your face.

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