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A Guide To Choosing The Right Shelving Unit For Your Living Room

The Right Shelving Unit For Your Living Room

Choosing the right shelving unit is easier said than done. Once you enter the market, you find endless shelving units with different colors, designs, prices, and everything in between. These variations make choosing a suitable shelving unit more challenging than thought.

Like other furniture, choosing a shelving unit requires time and thorough research. There are also some considerations to make the selection more straightforward.

Fortunately, this post discusses a complete guide to a suitable shelving unit for your living room. Also, if you’re fond of inbuilt shelving units, you might want to read the article below to learn how to decorate your home’s in-built shelves.

Here’s what you need to consider to choose a suitable shelving unit that fits your living room requirements:

 The Weight The Shelves Can Handle

When choosing a suitable shelving unit for your space, you must consider the weight they’ll handle. Consider investing in a manufactured floating shelving unit if you’re displaying a few lightweight items. However, if the shelves are used to hold heavy objects or lots of books, you’ll require a hard-wearing unit.

Before purchasing a shelving unit of your liking, check the maximum weight it can withstand, or else the shelves will always be at risk of collapsing from holding overweight items. Consider selecting a shelving unit that can hold up to 35 kgs for heavy objects.

 Material Used

Most people will agree that solid wood takes the lead when it comes to shelving unit material. Compared to other materials, wood has the most extended shelf-life. If you’re storing heavy items on the shelves, investing in shelves made of plywood or other light material will be a waste of money. On the other hand, wooden shelving units offer tough storage for heavier objects.

Though most people would prefer investing in wooden shelves, it’s important to note that wood isn’t the only material suitable for building shelves. You can also invest in a glass shelving unit for a more delicate and decorative style. If you’re looking for a shelving unit that can withstand humidity or cold and still last long, a metal shelving unit might be ideal for your space.

 Consider Why You’re Putting Up Shelves

Homeowners put up shelves in their living rooms for storage, decoration, or both. It’s essential to determine the reason for putting up shelves to choose the best. If the main reason for erecting shelves in your living room is decorated, concentrate on the aesthetic and style. You can also ask yourself how you want the shelves to tie with the rest of the room.

Will the shelves be used to hold plants, art, or books? If you need shelves for storage, you’ll still require them to look stunning. Therefore, consider using deep dishes, wooden crates, or woven baskets to conceal what you’re storing and enhance the appearance.

The Right Shelving Unit


Size is another factor to consider when choosing a suitable shelving unit. Think of the space where the shelves will be erected and choose a shelving unit that can fit perfectly. If you have limited space, go for an adjustable shelving unit for flexibility and thick for durability. Additionally, purchasing a shelving unit that can hold your essentials without being congested would be best. Besides, you wouldn’t want to spend your money on an item that can’t hold your valuables the way you’d want it to.


The color of a perfect shelving unit for your living room should go well with the color theme of your home. Erecting shelves that don’t match the color theme of your space will result in a conflict of colors. It’s advisable to consider a combination of pale and dark colors or a combination of timber and painted finish. You can be creative by incorporating fabric or wallpaper to enhance the back panels.


Shelving units come in various designs, from classic to customized ones. That said, you can quickly get shelves to suit your needs. When choosing the perfect shelving unit for your living room, consider a design that sits well with your furniture and the style of your home. Nevertheless, you can go the extra mile to make a statement with your shelving unit. Has one been customized to stand out among the rest of the furniture? However, regardless of your design, ensure it makes your space look classy and cozy.


Regardless of what you’re purchasing, considering cost is inevitable. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In most cases, price determines the quality of what you’re purchasing. A low-quality shelving unit is more likely to cost less than a high-quality one.

Nevertheless, sometimes, high prices might trick you into assuming that something is high quality even if it’s not. It’s therefore essential to check the quality of a shelving unit to determine if it corresponds to the price. However, avoid purchasing a shelving unit at an extremely low price since it’s more likely to be built out of cheap and low-quality material.

 Final Thoughts

When selecting a shelving unit for your living room, you either buy nice or buy twice. Purchasing the first unit you come across might not be the best idea since there are many options to choose from. Also, a lack of enough research will result in you buying a shelving unit that won’t match your requirements. It’s advisable to always concentrate on quality over other factors. A high-quality unit will serve the purpose for a prolonged period and will definitely be worth the investment regardless of how much you pay.

To wrap it up, as much as you can be provided with tips and considerations to help you choose the best, the choice depends on you. There’s also a high probability that you already know what you need to term a shelving unit as the best for your living room. Regardless of the price, design, color, and other factors, as long as the shelving of your choice is durable and can withstand the weight of whatever you want it to hold, it’s the best choice for your space.

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