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Bat Removal

As a homeowner, pest extermination and infestation are common issues you have to address often with professional assistance. When you think of pest infestations bat removal in CT may not be the first animal that comes to mind. Bats can be an issue for homeowners and one you should address as soon as possible if discovered.

How Bats Can Infest Your Home

Bats are a diverse species and the Unites States alone is home to over 40 different types of bats. The majority of bats found in the USA eat either insects or fruit and are found in an assortment of different locations and environments. As bats often keep local insect populations under control, they are considered beneficial to the animal. However, they can still become an invasive species. As bats tend to favour trees and caves for habitation, secluded and dark areas in your home can be an inviting environment for the local bats. Homeowners have found bats in attics, chimneys, and roosting in cracks in exterior home construction.

Signs You Have Bats in Your Home

If you suspect bats are infesting your home look for the following signs.

  • You find droppings in your attic or notice an ammonia-like smell.
  • You see discoloration on your home’s exterior where bats could be entering.
  • You hear odd sounds and scratching noises.
  • You see scratches on your fixtures, attic area, or walls.
  • You see bats in the area.

Are Bats a Danger?

Bats in general do not attack humans unless they feel they are in danger or are very ill. Despite this, bats can still be hazardous to humans if they infest your residence. Bats can carry rabies, which is very dangerous to humans (possibly fatal) if contracted. In addition, bat droppings contain the fungus Histoplasma. Which, if inhaled in large enough amounts, can lead to lung condition histoplasmosis. While a common condition and one people often recover from without treatment, it can still be dangerous to older people, those with compromised immune systems, and people with past lung ailments.

Removing Bats

When you need bats removed from your property, you should contact an exterminator in CT as soon as possible. As with any other type of animal infestation, you want to be certain that the animals are safely and effectively removed. A professional can remove bats safely without harming themselves or your family. Plus, when you hire a professional, you know that once the bats are removed they can apply safety methods to keep them from returning to your home.

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