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Your home’s AC is one of its most essential parts for keeping you and your family comfortable during the hotter parts of the year. When your AC breaks down you want it repaired as soon as possible. However, in some cases, replacing your AC can be a better option as it can save on repair costs and you don’t have to worry about your AC going out when you need it most. When you repair or replace your air conditioner you should keep the following considerations in mind to make an informed choice.

1. The Average Lifespan of AC Units

Even with proper care and servicing, most AC units only last between 10 and 15 years. The age of your unit is a key factor in deciding if you should replace it or repair any existing issues. As AC units age, they need a greater number of repairs due to wear. Issues with belts, coils, the wiring, the compressor, and other parts become more common as your AC ages, An old unit may cost more to keep repairing than replacing outright, meaning a new unit makes better financial sense. Also, these increased repairs mean your AC is non-functional for long periods, which is highly inconvenient.

2. Increased Cooling Costs

Older AC units are not as efficient as newer models. This is due to both the aging of your existing AC unit and overall improvements in cooling technology. This decrease in efficiency can become noticeable in your monthly energy bills. If your cooling costs start increasing without any change in AC use, it could be time to consider replacing your AC. Newer models offer improved efficiency and can reduce the amount you pay every month.

3. Reduced Performance

If you find your AC running longer and longer to keep your house cool then a replacement may be in order. Aging AC units not only have reduced efficiency they also have reduced performance. This can result in running your AC nearly constantly and still not receiving the level of performance you expect. In worst-case situations, an aging AC may be unable to effectively cool your entire home leaving rooms and parts of your home warm.

4. You’ll Want To Replace Your AC As Soon As Possible

When you need a new AC unit you shouldn’t delay the decision. Waiting until your AC completely fails can leave you without proper cooling during the hottest part of the summer. This can cause you to quickly replace your AC due to need without having the time to do proper research. When your AC starts showing signs of failure, such as increased repairs and performance issues you should start researching a replacement. Replacing your AC before it fails can prevent being without AC when you need it and also ensure you purchase an AC unit that fits your home and your needs.

5. A New AC Has New Features

Like many other consumer products, AC units have improved over the years, offering a wealth of new and advanced features. Advancements such as smart thermostats offer not just increased convenience can also reduce your monthly energy costs. Often, older AC units cannot take advantage of these new features simply due to not being designed for them. A new AC not only performs better, it can offer new features that improve your overall wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

The last thing you want is your AC going out when it’s over 90 degrees outside. Performance issues should not be ignored and continued repairs may not be the most efficient use of your money. If your AC is aging and not providing the cooling power you need, a new AC may be the best solution. A professional can help in advising you on the AC unit you need to fit your unique circumstances and also install it properly.

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