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5 Common Boiler Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

boiler maintenance mistakes

Regular boiler maintenance is essential for a healthy and long-lasting boiler. Nowadays, a boiler can last upwards of 15 years—if it’s well looked after. However, all too often, boiler maintenance mistakes cut the lives of boilers dramatically short.

If you’d like to become a better boiler owner and avoid common maintenance mistakes, this guide is for you. Read on for five of the most common boiler maintenance mistakes and how you can avoid them.

5 Boiler Maintenance Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Waiting Too Late to Report an Issue

If your boiler isn’t behaving as it should—making funny sounds, failing to heat properly— and you’re not sure why, it’s always a good idea to call a boiler repair professional right away. Although it can be tempting to wait it out and see if the issue resolves itself, this is not always the way it pans out. Instead, you may end up with a permanently damaged and potentially dangerous boiler.

2. Skipping Your Annual Service

One key to boiler longevity is to make sure you have it serviced on a regular basis. Typically, this should happen around every 12 months.

Doing this will ensure your boiler continues to run as it should. Failing to do this can result in you missing issues and damaging your boiler beyond repair.

3. Not Checking the Safety Valves

Safety valves are an important feature of any boiler. They release when the pressure exceeds the output of the boiler and can prevent accidents or injury.

However, they can become corroded over time. Make sure to check them on a regular basis to ensure that they will be able to fulfill their function in case the need arises.

4. Allowing Your Fuel Supply to Run Out

Your boiler’s fuel system is another vital component that will require regular surveillance. If you have an oil or propane tank to fuel your boiler, you will need to keep an eye on your supply to ensure it doesn’t run out. A dry tank can cause issues with your boiler.

It can lead to things such as clogged filters or air getting into your fuel lines. Once you run below a quarter of a tank, you should call your fuel service to have it replenished to avoid this type of issue.

5. Not Replacing It When It’s Time

Boilers can last a long time with proper care and attention. Generally, a boiler will need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. When it is time to replace your boiler, don’t put it off.

Old boilers are more likely to malfunction. This can at best lead to issues with heating your home and at worst cause injury to somebody in your household.

Avoid These Boiler Maintenance Mistakes

It doesn’t take much to be a responsible boiler owner. All you need to remember is to avoid the above boiler maintenance mistakes and you should be able to use yours without issue for years to come. If you’ve enjoyed this guide, don’t forget to check out the rest of our content.

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