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Carpet Removal Disposal Options for Homeowners

Carpet removal

Were you aware that carpets can hold four times their weight in dirt and other gross particles? If you weren’t thinking about removing your carpet before, you might be thinking about doing it now!

Carpet removal can be a real pain, though. They are bulky, difficult to carry, and likely won’t fit into the back of a vehicle.

So, how do you dispose of carpets then? Keep reading. We’ll give you some helpful information that can help you figure out what to do after it’s ripped up.

How Do You Go About Removing Old Carpet?

Carpet removal can be an intensive process. You need to clear the room of all furniture, remove any entry doors to bedrooms or closets, and it’s probably a good idea to give it one last good clean before you start ripping it up. This might seem counterintuitive, but when you’re removing the carpet, you’re bound to release some of the dirt and particles that are trapped in there, so it might be best to clean it first.

Put on your safety gear and start pulling the carpet free from the glue or tack strips holding your carpet down. Try cutting the carpet into smaller pieces to make it more manageable.

After the carpet is gone, you want to remove any tack strips or glue from under the carpet. You can remove most carpet glue with a razor or scraper. Tack strips come up if you can use a pry bar.

How Can You Dispose of Old Carpet?

Now that you are done pulling up the carpet, what kind of carpet disposal options do you have for the old carpet and carpet padding?

You likely can’t just put the carpet out on garbage day. Most garbage pick-ups will not take large chunks of old carpet. You can research and find out where your local dump is and haul it out there, but that can be a pain, especially if you don’t have a large vehicle. Also, remember all those particles that can come up after you remove a carpet? Do you want those in your car?

One of the best ways to get carpet removed is to hire a junk removal service. You can find places like www.stressfreejunkhauling.com. Junk removal service will come to your home and take away anything the local garbage trucks won’t. They make it easy and painless.

Did you know that you can also recycle carpet? Many junk removal companies will do this for you as well.

Now You Know How to Dispose of Carpet After a Carpet Removal

Carpet removal can be a real pain, but think about how fresh and clean your air will be once it’s gone! Junk removal services can make your life so much easier than hauling your old carpet to the landfill; they can even recycle it for you to make it a little bit more environmentally friendly.

What did you think of this article? Did it help you decide on removing the carpet in your home? If you got something out of this article, consider reading some of our other posts. We cover a variety of topics ranging from entertainment to house and home. Find something else to read today.

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