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How to Choose the Best Large Humidifier for Your Home in 2023


If you have never used a humidifier before, it is understandable that you may first want some clarity on what they are and why you need them in your life. 

To make a long story short, a humidifier is a machine that dispenses small water particles into the air to raise humidity levels. Usually, humidifiers that disperse this water vapour are portable and incredibly simple to use.

The reason why having low humidity is problematic is because it leads to dry skin, nose bleeds, and dry throats. With high humidity levels, what you are facing is the air that feels way too heavy and much too difficult to breathe in amongst all the moisture in the air. 

In order to create the proper balance of humidity to maintain your general health and comfort, here are elements of a reliable large humidifier for your home that you should be on the lookout for in 2022.

1. Ultrasonic Humidifier

When looking for the best large humidifier, consider an ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier that is equipped with a six-liter or 1.5-gallon water tank that is big enough for rooms that are up to 500 square feet in size—yet still customizable for smaller rooms. 

With this high volume of mist output, not only will you be able to make it handle a multitude of room sizes, but you also should purchase a humidifier that allows for up to 50 hours of continuous operation before it has to be refilled again.

You also deserve a humidifier with a variable output nozzle that makes it possible for you to adjust the amount of moisture you want your unit to disperse.

2. No Noisy Distractions

The more that you start using your ultrasonic humidifier, the more you will begin to appreciate the fact that you have chosen one that is quiet when it is running because of its ultrasonic motor.  

Just think about how important it will be to have a humidifier that is as quiet as an afternoon in the public library because of its ability to emit soothing mist when you are trying to watch television when you are in the middle of an important phone call or are trying to get a solid night of sleep after a long day at work. 

Also, it is a fantastic humidifier to have for a nursery when you have a small child that is taking a nap so that you can get some housework done or a toddler that you are trying to have laid down for the night without being disturbed by loud strange noises.

3. Health Benefits

Taking care of your respiratory system is crucial for promoting restful sleep, preventing airborne viruses and bacteria. This becomes even more possible with the help of cool mist air humidifiers because they maximize indoor humidity levels and are equipped with a unique adjustable nozzle intensity dial to control the intensity of the mist output.

4. Oil Diffuser

Be sure to choose a large humidifier that has the added functionality of having an essential oil tray that enables you to add refreshing aromas to the cool mist, giving it a multi-task machine that serves as both a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. 

You should find this dual feature easy to utilize because all you need to do to experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils is add just a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend, whether it is lavender or peppermint, into the built-in essential oil tray. Enjoy the soothing sensation of the scented room, all the while experiencing a balance in humidity to ward off bacteria.

5. Automatic Shut-Off

Get yourself a large humidifier that offers an automatic shut-off feature once it runs out of water to protect the device from damage and keep your family safe from any electrical problems.

6. ETL Certification

Be sure that the ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier that you are utilizing has been ETL certified. ETL certification approval from Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs means that this large humidifier that you have purchased has been tested to specific safety standards. 

The certification comes from Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs with the aim of creating safe working and living environments for its users. 

Instead of room humidifiers that require constant refills and pricy filter replacements, get yourself the best large humidifier that is filterless and is also equipped with a 6L (1.59 Gallon) water storage tank that disperses Ultrasonic Cool Mist for over 50 hours. Save time and money while maintaining healthy working environments, bedrooms, and living room spaces.

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