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7 Common Errors in Bathroom Remodels to Avoid for Small Businesses

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It is no secret that dirty bathrooms lead to loss of business. But errors in bathroom remodels can also negatively impact your business. So, what can you do to avoid these mistakes?

Poor bathroom remodels do not only look bad, but they can cause costly issues too. You could quickly face health and safety or plumbing issues and a drain on your finances. Some businesses even face temporary closure to resolve the issue.

The best way to evade errors in bathroom remodels is to get it right the first time. If you are aware of the common mistakes that occur, you can take steps to avoid them. Here are the top seven business bathroom mistakes to be cautious of.

Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

1. No Remodel Plan

It is tempting to just hand the work over to a bathroom remodeling service and not plan. But without a bathroom remodel plan, you could miss out on key details that will make or break the design. You do not want to find that you want a different color tile border or type of sink once work is complete.

Plus, you will not have an accurate bathroom remodeling budget without a plan. It is not uncommon for small businesses to underestimate their bathroom remodeling budget due to the many additional costs that arise.

A remodeling plan will also give you a realistic timeline, so you can plan for interruptions accordingly without negatively impacting customers or employees.

2. Not Utilizing Space

Check the top bathroom remodel ideas for inspiration on how best to utilize your bathroom space. You want it to look good but also be practical for consumers and employees.

Also, consider how you can make it accessible for people with disabilities.

There needs to be enough space for foot traffic, plumbing, electrical wiring, and appliances need to be the right height for usage. A bathroom remodeling service will have a tool to visualize your design, such as 3D modeling.

3. Not Prioritizing Plumbing

Plumbing errors are one of the most common issues for small businesses. You need to pick a bathroom remodeling service that knows what they are doing regarding plumbing. Otherwise, you could end up with leaks, mold, water damage, and closure of your business to resolve issues.

Water drainage needs to be efficient, and you can install waterproof membranes to prevent mold issues. Plumbing needs to be of good quality.

If you have doubts, call a plumber to assess the remodel.

4. Forgetting Ventilation

Poor ventilation means there will not be the air circulation you need to maintain a nice bathroom environment. It also will lead to more maintenance work, especially if you live in humid climates where mold and other issues quickly escalate.

Poor ventilation is usually because businesses do not install enough windows or a big enough exhaust fan for their bathroom. Do not make this error, as you will quickly lose the quality of your bathroom remodel. Don’t waste your money and get it right the first time.

5.  No Storage and Accessories

You want to pick the right accessories for your business bathroom remodel, which help you abide by hygiene codes. There are plenty of high-quality accessories that look good but are also easy to clean. Check out these toilet paper dispensers as an example.

Some small businesses neglect to think about accessories, which leads to poor placement of toilet rolls, soap, and other essential bathroom needs. This error does not only make it hard to clean the bathroom, but it also looks unprofessional. Keep it sleek by finding the right accessories when you remodel.

Not having enough storage is another error. Save some of your bathroom remodeling budget for sufficient storage. Consider who uses your bathroom and what storage is needed; for example, make space for a cleaning cupboard.

6. Choosing Darkness Over Light

When you search for bathroom remodel ideas, you will notice that popular designs always have sufficient and pleasant lighting. The wrong lighting will completely ruin your bathroom remodel.

You do not want your bathroom to be too dark or have harsh lighting. It will not be a space you want to visit. Poor lighting could even lead to employees injuring themselves and personal injury claims.

If you are able, utilize the natural light of the space. Select appropriate locations for windows so you maintain privacy but get to utilize natural light. Many businesses are opting for back mirror lighting and other stylish designs but also keep the bathroom well-lit.

7. Using Poor Construction Materials

Do not sacrifice the quality of construction materials because of your bathroom remodeling budget. Although quality materials may be an initial investment, they are more durable and last for years. You will spend a lot more money maintaining poor-quality materials regularly.

Plus, poor construction materials look bad and can cause different health issues. For example, mold can quickly grow, walls can chip, and moisture can begin to show itself. You may also find toilets breaking and other delays that cause poor morale in your workspace.

A huge mistake is also neglecting to budget for new bathroom flooring. You do not want to end up with carpet or another option that is not appropriate for your stylish new bathroom space.

If you do not have the budget to invest in quality materials, speak to the bathroom remodeling service to see how to rework the design. Or talk about financial plans to pay for the work. Alternatively, you can save for longer to guarantee longer-lasting results.

Avoid Errors in Bathroom Remodels

What business wants to throw money down the drain due to errors in bathroom remodels? Not yours that is for sure. Now you know the common bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid.

If you pick the right bathroom remodeling service, they should also guide you through the remodeling process. Always use a reputable and licensed service, ideally one that offers a warranty. Then you can relax and enjoy your business’s new bathroom.

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