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What Decisions Do You Need to Make When Designing a New Inground Pool?

Designing a New Inground Pool

If you’re considering installing a new customized inground pool utilizing expert Pool Design in CT, there are several very important decisions you’ll need to make early on to ensure your pool perfectly fits your backyard space, lifestyle and desires. Here are some important considerations to make when planning pool design in CT.

Choose the Optimal Shape and Size

Inground pools come in various shapes and sizes to match backyard footprints and requirements. Traditional kidney bean, curved free form, elongated rectangle, circular; the shape you choose can impact how seamlessly the pool fits into your existing landscape, as well as what amenities and features it can easily accommodate. The optimal size depends on factors like your overall property size, landscaping buffers you want to maintain, and how many people you want to fit comfortably in the pool. Take time to maximize enjoyment and backyard flow by selecting a pool shape and scale explicitly tailored to your needs.

Select Decking, Coping and Interior Finishes

The materials used for the spaces surrounding and inside your pool have a big impact on the pool’s aesthetics, safety, and functionality. For decking, popular options include classic concrete, natural stone like slate and flagstone, and composite wood-alternative deck boards. Consider the maintenance, texture, traction and overall visual appeal you want to achieve. Coping refers to the material used to cap the pool’s edge, with ceramic tile, quartz, and natural stone being top choices. You’ll also want to decide on interior pool finishes like plaster or tile. With many options available, choose finishing materials that align with your overall design vision, backyard environment and budget.

Determine Your Filtration, Automatic Cleaning & Maintenance Needs

Proper pool filtration and cleaning capabilities are essential to keeping your water fresh, clear and sanitary. Your pool’s filtration system components like pumps, filters, and chlorinators or salt chlorine generators should be sized appropriately for your specific pool volume. You may also want to enhance automated cleaning through options like an in-floor vacuum system, electric pool robot cleaner, skimmer basket, or bottom drains. Carefully factor in how frequently you plan to use the pool, local codes and regulations, as well as your desired maintenance regimen when planning out the cleaning and filtration system. Considering maintenance requirements upfront ensures your pool stays usable, safe and sparkling season after season.

Choose the Right Lighting to Set the Perfect Ambiance

The right pool lighting can utterly transform night swims into magical experiences. Modern inground pool lighting options include LED color-changing fixtures, fiber optic spray jets, perimeter area lighting, underwater luminaires, and even floating fixtures. Consider how you plan to use your pool after dark and what type of ambiance you want to create when the sun goes down. Proper lighting placement also enhances safety and visibility. Be sure to factor long-term energy costs into your lighting design decisions.

Personalize Your Pool with Fun Extras Tailored to You

What special touches make your pool uniquely yours? Today’s pools offer exciting possibilities for personalization like cascading water features, integrated fire bowls, waterslides, fountains, rock formations, spillways, built-in benches, and more. Or you may opt to keep things simple and let the pool itself be the star of the show. Take time to ensure any additions you select make sense for your backyard footprint and genuinely enhance the enjoyment of your pool for your lifestyle. Also, plan for the ongoing operating and maintenance costs any accessories may incur.

Carefully Determine Your Pool Access Needs

Being able to safely and easily enter and exit the pool is a top priority. Custom access options like corner entry steps, sunken benches, beach-style swim outs, and integrated ladders can accommodate people of all abilities and ages. Be sure to strategically locate in-ground steps and handrails where they will get the most use based on your property layout. For those with disabilities, you may also want to consider incorporating a pool lift. Planning accessibility and entry/exit points according to your family’s needs from the start ensures safety for years to come.

Pool design in CT offers almost endless possibilities to create your dream backyard oasis uniquely tailored to your lifestyle and desires. Working closely with a professional custom pool design company that can oversee the entire process from concept to completion is hugely beneficial. Their expertise helps assess your family’s needs, guide you through the design decisions, handle permits and zoning, and manage the pool design installation. Investing in a customized inground pool designed just for you will bring enjoyment for many sunny seasons ahead.

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