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Flooring Options You Can Try for Your Kitchen This Year


In any house you go to, you’ll notice that the kitchen is the area that has daily traffic and is the most accident-prone. In many households, it is also one of the busiest spaces. But does having a busy kitchen mean you can’t decorate it the way you like? Of course not!

Yes, there are a few pointers that you need to be careful about regarding spillage and heat, but other than that, you can glam up your kitchen walls and floor with almost anything. Here are a few flooring options for your kitchen space so that every time you cook, you get floored!

Best Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

1. Vinyl

Did you know that almost 35% of people like to choose vinyl flooring for their kitchens in 2022? It comes with a kind of texture that is quite similar to wooden grains and is also a pocket-friendly option.

Moreover, vinyl is waterproof and can be installed in the kitchen very easily. However, it needs a very smooth and flawless subfloor to be installed accurately.

2. Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen nowadays. It is hard, resistant, and very easy to clean. So if your kitchen floor tends to get covered in stains, ceramic should be your choice. For the best kind of ceramic tiling, check out Bayset.

They have an impressive range of tiling adhesives to make sure your tiles stick down properly on the floor. Other than adhesives, Bayset also has a great collection of epoxy and cementitious grouts.

3. Hardwood

Hardwood itself is a very durable material, which is why it is commonly used on kitchen floors. However, with hardwood comes the problem of moisture because it tends to soak up moisture pretty fast, which leads to the floor being damaged.

But if you really like the look that hardwood floors give, you can go for the ones that are covered with a coating of polyurethane. It will last much longer even in the presence of moisture in the air.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo floors may look and even feel quite a lot like hardwood floors but are actually much tougher than them. Bamboo can come in a variety of colors and therefore, look different in different households.

There are also many unique types of grains and patterns in this kind of flooring, so you get a wide range of options to choose from. Don’t worry, bamboo is resistant to moisture as well as damage caused by water. You can go for strand woven, engineered, or solid bamboo, depending on your preference.

5. Laminated wood

If you’re looking for something modern and minimalist, laminated wood can be a great choice. It is also affordable and lends a soft touch to the kitchen.

Laminated wood can be pretty easy to install as well as replace and the upper layers can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. The only downside is that you can’t refinish this material, unlike hardwood.

Moreover, laminated wood tends to be a little slippery. So if you have elderly people or small children in your house, it’s probably not a good idea to install it on the kitchen floor.

6. Concrete

This might sound strange, but concrete flooring is considered to be a good choice for houses located on the ground or first floors of an apartment. You can also go for concrete if your house doesn’t have a basement.

Not only is it inexpensive, but it is also very tough and durable. You might also have a big slab of concrete right underneath your floor, waiting to be exposed. Even if you don’t, it can be poured over easily on the subfloor.

7. Marble

Marble is one of the best choices for your kitchen floor because it looks very stylish and sophisticated. However, it is also pretty costly, which is why many don’t go for it.

But if you have the budget to, then definitely choose marble because it can give you a huge variety of colors and patterns. Since marble is also naturally quite cold, if you live in a colder climate, you should go for a heating system.

Over to you…

Among the many kinds of flooring options for your kitchen, these seven materials are the most common. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you can go for any of these. For any kind of tiling or flooring assistance, contact Basset and their home experts for their advice.

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