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Home Water Purification Systems: How Do They Work?

home water purification systems

Is your tap water as clean as it possibly can be? Most Americans are concerned about what materials might be lurking in their home water supply. Perhaps you’re one of those people worried about how to filter their water.

Home water purification systems work to remove contaminants and debris from your home water supply and leave you with a clean and better-tasting glass of water at the end. But have you ever wondered how they work?

Here’s our home water purification system guide.

Step 1: Pre-Filtration

Home water purification systems work through a three-step process. The first of these is the pre-filtration stage. This step is the first screening of your water to remove any larger contaminants or sediments in your home water supply.

When the water enters your home from either a private or municipal water source, the pre-filter will remove anything more significant than five microns in size from the water. Typically, this will be things like silt and other sediments that can be present in the water.

Filtering these sediments out at this stage helps the water run smoothly through your system and stops your pipes from being degraded and worn down.

Step 2: Activated Carbon Filtration

The next step is the activated carbon filtration stage. This is where the majority of the filtration takes place. “Activated carbon” may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s the most common form of water filtration found in homes today.

These filters contain a lump of carbon, most commonly in the form of charcoal. Manufacturers treat this carbon so that it is especially porous, and it is extremely good at letting water through and keeping contaminants out.

When the water flows through the filter, chemicals and impurities end up sticking to the charcoal while the rest of the water passes on through, leading to fresh, clean water on the other side of the filter.

The EPA recommends the use of activated carbon filters as they are very effective. Some studies show that they can remove up to 80 different chemicals from your home water supply. If you’re after home water purification tips, getting an activated carbon filter would be the biggest one.

Step 3: Post-Filtration

By this stage in the process, the initial two filters will have removed most of the larger and more severe contaminants from your water. But to get that crystal clear and clean tasting final glass, it goes through one last stage of filtration.

The post-filter removes all of the tiniest impurities that have managed to slip through the other two filters unhindered. Just bear in mind that your post-filter will need changing.

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Home Water Purification Systems Keep Your Water Safe and Crisp

Not all home water purification systems are the same, but most will work through a process similar to the one described above. Finding the right filtration system is about assessing your water use and choosing the right style of filter for your needs.

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