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How To Decorate Your Home Safely For The Christmas Season 

How To Decorate Your Home Safely For The Christmas Season 

There are some household decorations that are quite permanent in nature, like those you have in your home all year round. But there are also seasonal ones, such as your Christmas decorations. They spend most of their time in storage, but when it’s their time to shine, those Christmas decorations also make a bold statement. 

It’s nice to have Christmas decorations, but they can also be hazardous to your home, especially when not installed and used correctly. 

Decorating your home for the holidays should never be done at the expense of your household’s safety. The last thing you’d want to deal with during this season is to face fires and other accidents caused by your Christmas decorations. What you put up in your home for the holidays should add to the whole atmosphere of merry-making and not cause dark days during this season. 

With that, reading and learning more about decorating your home safe during the holiday season is important. That’s what you’ll come across here today. 

Decorate Your Home Safely during The Christmas Season

1. Tether Your Inflatables Securely

You may have a few inflatable Christmas tree decorations and garden decorations in your home, like those snow globes, giant Santa Claus, and other Christmas characters. These are quite common, especially in houses with young children, as the inflatables give kids a playful and happy vibe.  

If you have a few inflatables in your garden, make sure they’re securely tethered to the soil. They’re quite lightweight, so it’s easy for winds to blow them away. Use the loops or tie-down straps securely so that they’re deeply staked in the soil. 

Inflatables that fly are a hazard not only to your home but also to neighbors and vehicles passing by. Check that the straps are still securely fastened on a regular basis, especially when the weather forecast shows some windy days right ahead. 

2. Choose A Fire-Resistant Christmas Tree

If you’re one of those homeowners who like to decorate early and keep the Christmas decorations on for a long time, using an artificial tree may be your chosen route. When that’s the case, use a fire-resistant artificial Christmas tree

Wrapping it with Christmas lights makes your tree extra beautiful, but if kept switched on for too long, the Christmas lights may overheat. In the event of a short circuit or small fire, the tree won’t cause it to become even bigger. 

For homeowners who prefer a fresh tree, you can rest assured that it can stay green for longer while being less of a fire hazard than a dry one. 

Follow this checklist first for a check of freshness: 

  • The trunk butt is sticky with resin; 
  • The tree is very green; 
  • The tree’s fresh needles are very hard to bend. 

Along this line, keep your live tree fresh by checking the water level daily for hydration. A dried-out tree catches fire faster than a properly hydrated one. This is also why you must check the greenest tree possible, so it doesn’t dry up quickly. 

3. Keep The Trees Away From Heat Sources

Now that the discussion is on trees, this tip must not be forgotten. Keep trees away from heat sources such as heaters and fireplaces. Moreover, if you have a fire extinguisher at home, at least for the time being, keep it close to where your tree is placed. 

4. Check All Lights Before Hanging Them

Even if you have brand-new Christmas lights, this isn’t an assurance of safety. Check that the bulbs are complete and that there are no loose connections, broken sockets, or frayed wires before buying any lights.  

If your Christmas lights are too old and show obvious signs of wear and tear, it may be a good idea to invest in new, good-quality ones this year. Light up your home in beautiful lights for the holidays, not in a fire. 

5. Avoid Using Too Many Extension Cords

Plugging extension cords one after the other may result in overloading the circuits. This may be common knowledge for many, but it can easily be neglected just to accommodate all the Christmas lights you want to have for your home.  

If you plan to use a lot of Christmas lights, it may be a good idea to consult an electrician first on how and where to plug them in, especially if the sockets are quite far or out of reach. Or, perhaps, you also don’t have enough plugs in your home. This is an extra step to take, but one that’s nevertheless worth doing to be sure you’re on the safe side. 

6. Choose Fire-Resistant Decorations

Paper, lace, and fabric decorations instantly make a space look elegant. But, they’re not the safest. Those decorations are highly flammable, making them more dangerous in your home. 

This isn’t to say you should entirely skip decorating for the holidays. Do as you please, after all, the Christmas season is when many homeowners decorate their homes the most. However, this simply means being more intentional with your choice of decorations, bringing home only fire-resistant ones. If you are to have a few lace and fabric decorations, at least place them away from your fireplace or other live heat sources like candles.  

7. Use Plastic Hooks For Hanging Outdoor Lights

When it comes to hanging lights outdoors, one of the first options is to fasten them with a nail. However, doing so can damage the wiring, which can cause a fire. 

Instead of using nails, opt for plastic hooks or clips instead. These are easy to find in most hardware stores, so you don’t have any reason not to use this safer alternative. 

Final Thoughts

Candles, Christmas Lights, and Inflatables. These are only a few little things that start to take center stage once the Christmas season arrives. They are common holiday decorations, but they can also be the root cause of fires, accidents, and other hazards. It’s not worth putting holiday decorations out if you aren’t confident in your ability to keep them safe and secure. Otherwise, you may risk losing your home (in its worst case) over the holidays. 

The tips above are only a few of the many, but they’re worth doing, so you can have both a beautiful and safe home this Christmas. 

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