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How to Get a Quick Offer When Selling Your Home

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If the real estate market seems unpredictable, that’s because it really is. Home sales have slowed down over the past month or two across the country. On the other hand, prices are well above sales prices from 2020. Some locations are seeing 20% increases. What’s going to happen as we head into the fall and winter months? Those months are traditionally slow months in real estate as people focus more on the holidays, and less on real estate. If you’re selling your home soon, you need some quick tips to make sure it sells quickly. This guide has you completely covered. Keep reading to find out how to sell a home fast and for the asking price.

1. Get a Good Real Estate Agent

If you want to sell a home fast, you need access to buyers. You also need a huge network of people who can negotiate contracts, and make sure you get the true value for your home.

That’s what a real estate agent brings to you. Sure, you can save a few bucks on commission selling a home on your own.

You don’t have the expertise and skills that a real estate agent has. Look for agencies like Hatch Realty in your area that have years of local expertise.

2. Clean Up the Yard

There are small things you can do to make a big difference. Spruce up the walkway, add planter boxes with colorful flowers. You can also patch up the driveway and clear junk from the yard.

These are called curb appeal projects. Curb appeal is the first impression buyers get when they see the property from the curb.

Curb appeal can raise the value of the home just based on appearances. If you can make people fall in love with the property from the curb, then you’ll sell your home fast.

3. Make Minor Repairs

Do you have a long “honey-do” list of minor maintenance items that you put off? This is the time to check items off of the list.

These things can make a difference because buyers get the impression that you cared for the property.

Be sure to disclose any issues that you’re aware of. This informs buyers and they can make an offer on the home accordingly.

If you wait to see if the inspector catches the issues, you’re just going to delay selling your home. You’ll have to renegotiate the offer, and the bank may decline the buyer’s financing.

That sets back your timeline to sell a home by weeks.

A Short Guide to Selling Your Home Fast

If selling your home is still on your agenda, you need to take a few steps to ensure it sells quickly. You can’t rely on the current real estate market to get the asking price for your home.

The steps in this guide show you simple things that you can do to make selling a home easy. It all starts with a great real estate agent and a little maintenance.

Did you learn a lot about selling your home? You’ll love the tips in the Home Improvement section of this site. Check them out today!

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