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The 7 Most Popular Types of House Siding

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Did you know that you can boost curb appeal by renewing your house’s siding? If you would like to replace the siding on your home and learn about the different options, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the different options to consider when choosing house siding.

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Best Types of House Siding You Should Know

1. Insulated Siding

Insulated siding is a kind of vinyl siding that has an insulating layer. The insulating layer’s created from EPS or expanded polystyrene foam. The EPS will give the siding a close fit to your home and holds air in better.

Your home will be a lot more energy-efficient. If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, consider insulated siding.

2. Composite Wood Siding

You can try installing composite wood or engineered wood siding. Veneered plywood, hardboard, or oriented strand board are some examples of engineered wood products.

Engineered wood comes in panels that are easy to install. The panels can get moulded to look like traditional clapboards.

The textured grain’s uniform, so the engineered wood won’t look entirely like real wood. The appearance is more natural compared to aluminium or vinyl siding.

3. Corrugated Metal Siding

The corrugated metal siding’s another option to consider. Corrugated steel has been traditionally used for military facilities and factories. Yet, it’s a popular siding in colder climates.

4. Consider Wood Siding

Wood siding is a popular and attractive option. Homeowners choose between wood planks, shingles, panels, or boards.

Wood has a high cost and requires a lot of maintenance. You can choose from a wide variety of textures, finishes, and styles.

Wood siding is easy to repair but difficult to install over current siding. The wood siding will need an exterior finish, like a stain or paint.

Wood siding can get damaged by insects, rot, or sun exposure. Over time, people notice splitting or warping. If you choose a painted finish, you’ll have to prepare for more maintenance.

Wood siding can also have paint problems if your house isn’t well-ventilated. Stained finishes don’t need as much maintenance compared to a paint finish.

Work with a professional like the Colorado Classic Exteriors Classic Window and Door company.

5. Consider Steel or Aluminum Siding

Aluminium doesn’t need as much maintenance as wood siding. For newer homes, people have chosen aluminium siding instead. Now, steel siding has become more available.

Steel and aluminium siding can come in horizontal stripes. The strips will look like wood lap siding. Metal’s used as retrofit siding and can get placed over wood siding.

You can choose from a range of metal siding styles. Some people will choose shingles, while others look at vertical or horizontal stripes. From a distance, it’s hard to tell the difference between wood and metal siding.

Prefinished painted finishes can bleed onto brick walls below the siding. Prefinished painted finishes can also fade and chalk. A newer version of metal siding tends to hold onto colour longer.

Get metal siding with special vinyl or plastic coatings. These coatings will protect against fading and weather.

Aluminium and uncoated steel aren’t as costly as wood siding. You will pay more for plastic or vinyl-coated aluminium. Vinyl or plastic-covered aluminium siding tends to have a 35-year warranty.

You might notice chalking with pre-painted aluminium siding. People also report denting to be a common issue with steel or aluminium siding.

If you want a low-maintenance siding option, consider aluminium or steel siding.

6. Consider Vinyl Siding

People also choose vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance and cheaper option for siding.

Vinyl siding will come in strips and has interlocking edges. A zip tool will get used to separate and join the siding strips.

There’s a wide range of styles for vinyl. There are vertical and horizontal panels and a variety of colours. People also can choose vinyl siding with a shingle style or wood shake.

Vinyl’s used as a retrofit siding. Vinyl will get put over older wood siding. If the vinyl siding gets installed wrong, the siding can buckle or warp. Make sure you hire an experienced installer if you choose this option.

Vinyl tends to be less expensive than steel or aluminium siding. Vinyl’s also a low-maintenance siding material. You won’t need to paint the siding. But if the siding gets cracked, you will need to replace or repair it.

7. Fiber Cement Siding

Fibre cement siding is a newer siding option. This siding is low-maintenance and durable because it’s made from recyclable materials. Fibre cement siding can get installed like wood siding.

Fibre cement is one of the closest kinds of siding that emulates a natural wood grain. The fibre cement siding is almost indistinguishable from wood siding. Get millwork pieces and trim pieces to add design to your home.

Fibre cement will come pre-finished or primed. You can choose from stucco-panel styles, shingles, shakes, or bevelled planks.

The cost of fibre cement is moderate to high. The price is higher than metal or vinyl, but fibre cement siding will last a long time.

Fibre cements durable and isn’t subject to insect damage or rot. People find that fibre cement’s nearly maintenance-free.

Now You Know More About House Siding

We hope this guide on selecting house siding was helpful.

You have a wide range of siding options from wood, vinyl, fibre cement, and steel or aluminium siding. Consider what siding option would work best for your climate and home.

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