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Preparing for Moves: 6 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

preparing for moves

Making a move of any kind can create stress for everyone involved. There’s a lot to consider when preparing for moves. You’ll need to purchase your new home, sell your old one, and prepare both places for your next chapter in life.

Although it’s common to feel stressed out about making a move to a new home and everything involved in the process of doing so, there are several ways to bring stress levels down. When you properly prepare for a move, you can avoid some of the most common mistakes associated with moving. Before you begin the packing process, continue reading below.

Here’s everything you need to know about packing for a move with ease.

1. Not Scheduling in Advance

People are constantly moving from one home to another. Because the moving industry is always busy, it’s important to schedule your move in advance. Don’t wait until the week before to call a moving company to ask for a moving truck and local movers.

It would be unfortunate if there were no movers or trucks available for your move date. In return, this could place unnecessary stress on your move. Schedule the move in advance to ensure you can book moving trucks and movers to help as well.

You can also consider asking which days are the off-peak ones to get a better rate. When searching for a moving company, don’t make the mistake of hiring anyone. You need to hire an insured and licensed mover.

Do your research before choosing the right moving company for you and read reviews as well.

2. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Pack

You never want to wait until the last minute to pack your home up for the move. There will be a lot of ground to cover once you start packing, and you may not understand how much there is to do until you start the process. To keep stress levels down, start packing well in advance.

If any bumps were to come up along the way, you’ll have time to sort them out without feeling rushed and pressured. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself between 4-6 weeks of packing time. Don’t forget to gather all of your packing supplies before you start packing as well.

You’re going to need boxes, packing tape, labels, and packing materials to keep items safe inside the boxes. To simplify the packing process, pack the house room by room. Do one room at a time, starting with the room that you use the least (guest bedrooms) and finishing with the rooms you use the most (kitchen and bedrooms).

3. Not Throwing Away Unnecessary Items

Another mistake you want to avoid is packing everything you own without going through it first. Moving to a new house is the perfect time to go through all of your personal belongings. Make piles and only keep what you need or want.

Take this time to throw away, donate, or sell any items you no longer need. Looking into junk removal during a move is beneficial for several reasons. After removing items you don’t use or need, you’ll have less to pack.

This can save you both time and money in the end. When you get to your new home, you’ll have less to unpack.

4. Forgetting to Transfer Utilities

The last thing you want to do is walk into your new home after moving all day long and not have the utilities set up. Don’t forget to transfer all your utilities to the new home before you move. You can contact your current utility companies and let them know your move date.

Electric, gas, and water should all be set up and ready to go. When you get to the new home, everything should be on and working properly. This will save you the stress and hassle of trying to get it sorted out after the fact.

This is also the perfect time to make a change of address with the post office. Let the post office know your new address and then contact different companies and businesses to notify them of the change as well.

5. Not Asking For Help When Needed

One of the best ways to reduce the stress associated with moving is to ask for help when needed. There are a lot of things you’ll need to do during the move, and it can get overwhelming. If you need help with packing, then contact friends and family members.

You should also consider hiring professional movers and packers who can pack the entire home for you and move your personal belongings to the new place. If you have animals or children, then don’t hesitate to plan for a babysitter or dog sitter to watch the little ones while you get everything done.

6. Forgetting to Label Everything

When you’re packing your house, you should be sure to take inventory of everything. Know what items are in what box and then label everything. Each box should have a label with the room it belongs to and other details if needed.

For example, if a box contains fragile items from the living room, then the label should read something along the lines of the following: FRAGILE- Living Room. Labels on moving boxes will help you stay organized when unpacking. Place all of the boxes for the same room together in the moving truck and then put them in the room they belong to when packing at the new house.

Preparing For Moves Starts With This Guide

If you have a move planned for the near future, then you need to start planning. Preparing for moves starts right here with this very guide and all the helpful tips listed above. Keep this guide handy when starting the moving process to reduce stress and make the process as simple as possible.

If interested in more topics similar to this one, then don’t forget to check back here daily!

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